Who doesn’t love a cool, hilarious and fun guessing game that you can play anywhere? Heads Up is one of those amazing guessing games one can play anytime, anywhere. Whether you are with your group of friends in college’s cafeteria or in a party, stuck up in a bank’s long line or on a road trip, Heads Up is always there to make every situation a whole lot more fun and entertaining.

The game was introduced on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” by Ellen herself. The popular show star is creator herself, and it has tons of thrilling features to offer. From singing to naming celebrities, acting out on a situation or giving clues to the word on the card from your fellow’s clues before you run out of time, the game has something to offer for everyone.


Most games on iOS these days usually needs just one person to play, and that can mean shutting other people out. And yet, Heads-Up simply turns the gaming conventions on their head by involving the people around you and that’s where all the fun lies in Heads Up.


Okay, so as far as in-game characters are concerned, there aren’t any. Hence, this subheading may seem slightly misleading, but it’s not. Because the game’s main characters are you and your friends. And I feel those are the best type of characters to play a game with.


The player is allowed to walk through a number of categories and choose the one they like. Every game goes on for a minute. The players play in turns and the person who scores the most is declared the winner.

The game is designed to play in such a way that one player holds their cell phone on their head yet it isn’t totally necessary; as long as you can’t see the screen and the others can, you can hold it out in front of your chest too instead of forehead that displays a phrase or word so that another player (or players ) can see what is being displayed on the phone’s screen.


The other players can act out the answer following some loose rules and the player holding the cell phone has to work out what is being displayed on their phone through the other players’ clues before they run out of time.

If the player’s guess is right, they can move on to a new card for display by simply placing their phone down or tilting it.


If the player’s guess is wrong, they turn their phone face up to pass.

This game is designed for fun so generally, it is not very difficult. It does not require the user to stick to it in order to win. Generally played between a couple of people there isn’t any win situation, it depends on the competency of a person. You answer right; you score a point, it is as simple as that!


With more than 50 themed decks to play with, numerous packed with more than 400+ energizing game-play cards, the fun will never stop! So whether you’re a craftsman, a vocalist, an on-screen character, or a science geek – there’s something for everybody.

The game accompanies more than 7 decks of cards (for free version), yet there are more than 45 extra decks you can purchase through in-application purchases, each for 99 cents.


Once you purchase the app for $0.99 the app lets you have access to few decks however, you can purchase more themed decks for $0.99 each.

Decks include (after purchasing and installing the app):

  • Act It Out
  • Superstars
  • Animals Gone Wild
  • Accents And Impressions
  • Characters
  • Act It Out
  • Just For kids
  • Famous Families
  • NYC

And lots more.

Additional decks include:

  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Baseball
  • Work It
  • Bottoms Up
  • Basket Ball
  • Football
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S The TV Series
  • Bad Behavior
  • Favorite Fictional Characters
  • 70’s Fever

And lots more.

Note: Each additional deck costs $0.99 each.

Overall, the application has a colorful, interactive and vibrant interface.
The app comes with fun and exhilarating sound effects that go well with the game and makes your gaming experience more fun and exciting.

The game also offers a ‘How To Play’ tutorial, shot by Ellen DeGeneres herself, that explains the method of playing the game.

Other Features

Build Your Own Deck:

The “Build Your Own Deck” mode is accessible for $0.99 and allows users to transfer any pictures they’d like for a personalized encounter.

Video Recording:

Video Recording is a fun element offered by Heads Up. The game offers the users the option to share the video made throughout the game and at the end of your game there is a “watch video” option so you and your friends can enjoy what you played.


The videos (recorded during your games) would also be saved in your phone’s photo library and you can share this video on Facebook and Instagram, etc.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, Heads Up! Is a fun, social, and hilarious game that makes your parties, family events and friend’s gatherings more thrilling and exciting. It definitely won’t let you get bored. Our Heads Up! iOS game review was definitely worth all the playing time.

However, there is a room for improvement in many aspects. The game offers limited options for customization. For example, you cannot control the length of the match. Often the questions do not change when the cell phone is tilted forward; furthermore, skipping a question doesn’t continually raise another one. These issues may not seem like much but in middle of a challenge, when the player only has a minute to work out the question, it adds up to big losses and may result in an unhappy player.

Apart from those quirks, it’s a must-have app for your iPhone or iPad.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 3.9.4
Version iOS 8 or later
Size 102.07 MB
Developer Warner Bros
Genre Family

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