hidden game by mom 3

Hidden My Game by Mom 3



When I was a child, I had a handheld Tetris device. I loved playing with it. But then, every now and then, it used to vanish. Why? Because, mom wanted me to play outside. -_-’

However, I preferred to find my game instead. The same is the premise of the Hidden my game by mom 3 (aka Hidden game 3), a escape room puzzler which is beautifully designed and awfully named.

Hidden My Game by Mom 3 Gameplay

Like the previous instalments, the game is divided into 30 different stages (known as “Days”) where you have to check a few objects in order to find your handheld gaming device.

Sounds easy, right?

Well, it is a breeze till you reach Day 5. This is where the game starts to introduce mind-boggling twists where you are bound to scratch your head a few times. You’ll have to be really attentive in order to find a way out.

Now, you won’t only find your device behind the objects. Sometimes, you need to collect a few objects in order to reach the handheld console. However, you need to be careful. Because, mom is also hiding in a few places and if she catches you, it’s game over.

Stuck at a level? There is a hint waiting in the stage menu. In all fairness, I used the hint a few times, especially when the setting looked too abstract.

Graphics & Sound Effects

Developed by one-person game studio hap Inc., Hidden game 3 is drawn like a comic book. The game’s design focuses on being functional. But, the same cannot be said for the music and sound effects. These elements give the animation it requires to be interesting. The anime-style packaging of this casual puzzler would keep you entertained.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a casual game to kill time, Hidden my game by mom 3 is made for you. While the game is absolutely free, it would show ads at random intervals.

Even though the adverts aren’t spoiling the gameplay, they are an unwanted distraction. Sadly, the developer has not provided any option to go ad-free.

Moreover, I found the game to be glitchy. After completing the penultimate stage (Day 29), the app started directing me towards random stages instead of taking me to the final stage. I hope this gets fixed in the upcoming release.

All in all, Hidden my game by mom 3 is pretty decent to have if you want a “escape room” game in your phone.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 1
Version Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Size 47 MB
Developer hap Inc.
Genre Casual

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