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With all the right elements to become a classic puzzle game you can spend hours engrossed in, Imago – Transformative Puzzle Game by the developers Arkadium is a free to download and gameplay that builds up the concepts laid by the game Threes. Described by the developers as, “A simple puzzle game with expanding pieces and soaring scores.” Imago is a puzzle game with a bit of a learning curve so do not expect to jump in and start playing right away, take my advice and pay attention to the short but helpful tutorial the first time you play the game because it will equip you with all the necessary basics of playing the game. So get your mind charged up, focus and learn your basics because the game really is a transformative game that gets tougher as you progress. You are supposed to drag different colored and sized tiles through the grid; maneuver around and through the various shapes. You are supposed to combine pieces of the same size, shape, and color to make them bigger, however, when the combined pieces get too big, they split back into smaller pieces EACH with the score of the large piece. Are you still with me? I understand that initially, the gameplay may sound a little confusing but as I have as before if you have your basics down, love puzzle games and are willing to spend a little time getting over the learning curve, then I assure you Imago is a fun game that you can play for hours.



Let us put levels aside because they are pretty much the same as most other puzzle games similar to Imago, each level gets progressively harder and to have to reach a minimum score to progress to the next level, you also have a limited number of moves so you better matches and merges wisely. What I would like to really discuss here are different modes within the game that are the real twists as they add new elements such as new colored tiles or block sizes for you to tackle.

Difficulty Level

This is the tricky part about the game because in opinion Imago is by no means an easy game the concept and the look of the game might appear simple, but do not be fooled, this is not a game that people of all ages will be able to enjoy. You have to be a lover of classic puzzle game to get into this one and even then you will need to learn a few new concepts to fully appreciate the game.

Graphics and Sound Effects

The look and the feel of the game are simple yet eye catching with its brightly colored neon tiles that are reminiscent of the extremely popular puzzle game Threes, the game is neatly designed and for its specific genre it is a beautifully designed game with crisp graphics. The sound effects, however, are nothing to write home about so do not expect to be wowed by this aspect of the game, there is nothing new, or particularly exciting here.

Bottom Line

Launched sometime in the year 2015, the puzzle game or the “Transformative Puzzle Game” Imago is something a true lover of puzzle games would love and enjoy. A free game that is fun and engrossing, Imago is worth a download if it appeals to you because it might not be for everyone.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 1.0.45
Version Requires iOS 6.0 or later
Size 54.33 MB
Developer Arkadium
Genre Puzzle

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