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Over the decades, technologies have changed. However, there are certain things that have survived. One of those are word scramble games. Before the internet, people bought magazines or books to play such games. Today, they do the same by downloading an app. This is why the App Store is filled with anagram apps.

However, there is nothing like Jumbline 2+. Even though the app was launched eight years ago, it is still one of the best “guess the word” games out there


Jumbline 2+ for iPhone and iPad contains three different puzzles where a player is challenged to discover words from a set of randomly-provided alphabets. Not only this challenges the player’s vocabulary, it demands prompt responses.

The Classic puzzle is the most basic one. As a player, you will be asked to select between “timed” and “untimed” stages and pick the number of alphabets for your final word. Once you are done with selecting parameters, you are delivered with a set of lines where correct entries fit once they are guessed. If you are playing the timed version, you will have to be nimble about your choices—or else, you’ll lose. In case of a loss, the game will tell you the words you have missed. Pretty useful if you like to know new words!

If you are like to solve anagrams, then Cloud Popup is the best. From the right side of your screen, words of various lengths will appear inside a cloud of their own. You need to identify the correct word in order to gain points. If the cloud remains unguessed, you will lose a life. However, you will know the solution. Lose all three lives and it’s game over.

Then, there is the final puzzle called Star Tower. In this one, you will be given set of random alphabets to create a pile of words before the yellow line touches the horizon. As simple it may sound, this mini game truly tests your mettle if you can handle the pressure of being a linguist.

While Jumbline 2+ for iPhone and iPad is a fun word game, it can become a little frustrating. Why? The built-in dictionary needs a lot of work as words like “ere”, “orc”, and “ism” are considered valid entries.

iPad Version

iPhone Version

Graphics and Sound Effects

There is nothing special to write about in this section. The game is brightly colored which is coupled with lively sound effects. However, I personally have an issue with the Classic mode’s result view. The correct words are displayed in a font size that’s too small for tapping. You have to be really careful while tapping on the small screen of iPhone SE.

Bottom Line

For spelling aficionados, Jumbline 2+ is the perfect companion. Yeah, it’s a little awkward in the dictionary department, but that rarely affects your progress. Even after eight years of its first release, the game is still going strong and manages to grip the attention of new and old players alike.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 2.1.7
Version Requires iOS 8.0 or later
Size 36.1 MB
Developer Brainium Studios LLC
Genre Puzzle , Word Game

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