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From the developers of the extremely popular Furdemption ($2.99) game comes a sequel that busts all notions about game sequels being a bust, the King Rabbit (Free) game builds upon the hugely successful gameplay of Furdemption and gives it a polish and a number of added features that make it even more enjoyable than its predecessor. A free puzzle and action game that is loved by people of all ages, including myself, I was a little concerned when RareSloth announced King Rabbit as the successor of Furdemption, because the original was in my point of view an amazing game that seemed to have all the ingredients to be a classic and we all know that most follow-ups fall flat because they tend to add unnecessary elements and needless complications to an almost perfect game play. Therefore, my expectations from King Rabbit were fairly low, to begin with, but after playing the game for a week or two I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the game, sometimes even more than Furdemption, which used to be my top favorite when King Rabbit was released.

The developers managed to add a few features and made a few major changes that improved the game and somehow made it even more enjoyable. The king was back, better and most probably here to stay for good. Launched in the March of 2016 King Rabbit has been downloaded over 1 million times and its fandom includes the young and old, lovers of Furdemption and fresh players too.


I took my time finishing Furdemption before I jumped or hopped into King Rabbit. One thing that I loved about King Rabbit, more than Furdemption are the graphics, RareSloth has really upped the cuteness level with this one. The latest version, King Rabbit introduces a few new features. Let us check them out:



The King is back and you play as the King Rabbit a cute but regal looking white rabbit with a crown on his head, this is the only character worth mentioning in both King Rabbit and the Furdemption game. Other characters include a bunch of different bunnies that have been captured by the enemies but they do not have much significance.  


When King Rabbit was launched, it had 96 levels, which were a lot more than Furdemption, so this one is not a short game, and you can enjoy this for a long time, especially since RareSloth introduced a level builder for players in a later version of the game, which allows players to create, play and share levels. This means that King Rabbit now has unlimited levels and you can play as much and for as long as your heart pleases. Since the game is so great many of us do not want it to end, therefore the level builder is perfect for all of us die-hard fans.  

Going back to the comparison with Furdemption, you can see that the developers have learned a lot from their previous venture. The levels have different paces, complex puzzles that have just the right amount of difficulty, not too hard or easy. Some levels focus on solving the puzzle while in the others you have to be quick to achieve the goal; this shows the growth the developers have had in the past few years.


Difficulty Level

This one is not too difficult, I would even rank this game a little less on the difficulty scale compared to Furdemption, but the game is challenging enough to be a lot of fun. You can spend both a short amount of time playing or choose to have a long go at saving the bunnies.

Game Play

The gameplay is somewhat similar to the original with a few changes, in King Rabbit you are playing to save bunnies that have been captured by enemies. Your job is to move crates, dodge turret, collect keys, clear paths and time your moves to reach the captured bunny. You are not running against the time here but some levels require you to be quick and agile while in others you can take your time to figure out the puzzle while playing you can also collect coins and hidden diamonds that will allow you to purchase various items including power-ups. If you get stuck, then you can choose to spend real money to purchase hints to help you solve the puzzle.

Play by swiping left, right, up and down on your screen because there are no on-screen buttons, I prefer this system because of it perfect for modern touchscreens.

Graphics and Sound Effects

As I previously mentioned, I really like the look of King Rabbit with its cute woodsy theme in which the white King Rabbit looks perfectly at home. The lava of Furdemption has been replaced by water; the whole game feels more refreshing and clean. The sound effects are pretty good too and go well with the game.


Bottom Line

For me, this is a near perfect game because I have enjoyed playing every bit of it, actually I still play this one from time to time. The diversity in pace and a wide number of levels make this perfect for playing during a commute or when you have a half an hour to kill at home with nothing else to do. You will enjoy this game if you like puzzle games. Kids will love this one too.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 2.7.3
Version Requires iOS 8.0 or later
Size 108.25 MB
Developer RareSloth LLC
Genre Puzzle

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