Limbo is one hell of a puzzle-platform game, that was released for Xbox Live Arcade in 2010 exclusively but in 2013 ports for Playstation Vita as well as iOS were also launched. Gamers welcomed the game with worldwide acclaim. It is an award-winning title whose gameplay  consists of a mix of jump and run, adventure and puzzle challenges.  At first, not much had been disclosed about the story of the game but only this:

“uncertain of his sister’s fate, a boy enters limbo”


Following are some of the great features offered by this black and white theme game that will offer you an idea about the game:


The main character of the game is a shadow of the boy with big white eyes. The boy does not have an actual appearance as well as a name. In the game the boy is shown to be pretty much attached to his sister and his age is presumed to be between 7 to 10 years. He is also afraid of water as in the game whenever he goes near the water, he immediately drowns. Besides water, he is also allergic to giant spiders, bear traps, and large drops.


The boy meets his sister when the player reaches the end of the game. The main menu of the game gives an impression that the nameless boy, as well as sister, is dead.

Besides the boy and his sister, there is one another character i.e. named as the hunter comprises of a group of boys. The behavior of these boys seems to be hostile and they always try to kill the boy throughout the game. Though, they will not be able to follow you till the end of the game.


The game comprises of several puzzles and if to be précised 30 levels in total. Each level is a different puzzle, when you first start the game, you may find it to be easy but it isn’t true as each level usually takes 5 to 15 minutes to complete. Therefore, limbo offers a gameplay of seven and a half hour at most and two and a half hour at least which may have already given you the idea that it is a small game.

These puzzles are the cleverest and deadliest and the gamer needs to think quicker in order to solve the puzzles. The boy on each level is greeted with wooden crates, sliding crates, Bear traps, Swinging ropes, obstacles and switches being thrown at him which seem insurmountable at first sight. You need to jump else you die.

Difficulty Level

In limbo, the difficulty increases gradually while you move from one level to another. The difficulty level cannot be set by going to settings as it has a predefined difficulty level. However, you may read some reviews that they haven’t faced any trouble throughout the game but maybe this thing depends on the capabilities of the player too.


The game controls are only three. Swipe up to make the character jump. Slide right and left to move forward or backward respectively. Swipe down and the boy holds on to the ledge.

These puzzles are very challenging, though they are not impenetrable. The Gamer can figure his way out from each puzzle easily without pulling a single hair from the player’s head i.e. the game may give its players goose bumps. These puzzles require perfect timing in order to successfully proceed further in the game from one level to another. I would say it is a game with hauntingly beautiful visuals and sound.


Graphics & Sound Effects

Limbo is a puzzle game, though by graphics you may take it for being a horror game but it’s not. In the game, you take control of a boy who wakes up at beginning of game in a dark forest full of dangers and is looking for his sister. A 2D black and white game, the world of limbo circles around a dark forest. The boy is unsure how he got there where the place is and what step he should take next in the forest filled with ways he would end up dying. It is a forest with darkness and suspiciously mysterious secrets hidden.  Secrets would unfold as the boy advances forward in his journey to delve for his sister in that bewitched place.


Just like the graphics the sound effects have also got a haunted hint to it and that what’s add the spice to the game environment and gives the player a perfect haunted feel. To create a horror situation you does not need great sound effects but an expertise to work with as minimum sound at perfect timings.

Other Special Features

The amazing feature of Limbo is that it has been presented in B&W tones and the developer has used lighting, film grain effects and minimal ambient sounds to create a haunted and horror atmosphere.

Bottom Line

In my view, Limbo is a minimalist and very special game. I consider limbo’s graphical and audio presentation quite exceptional and to be the very powerful elements of the game. The game has a fascinating gloomy atmosphere.

The game has been rated highly as it got the ratings up to 9/10 that from my point of view still seems to be lesser as per looking at the quality and popularity of the game. The game is worthwhile. If you have not experienced the mysterious puzzles of Limbo I recommend you download the game and unveil the secrets as the boy searches for his sister in the dark forestry.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 1.1.19
Version iOS 9.0 or later
Size 129.71 MB
Developer Playdead
Genre Arcade , Horror , Puzzle

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