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Lumino City is an incredible adventure game. The game app is unique in every sense of the word. It takes the players into an imaginary and fictitious fantasy land and fills every moment with excitement and challenge. The graphics and set designing gives a real touch to the game and immediately grabs the attention of the players, who are unable to look away from their screens. The best part about this game app is that it has an interesting story linked to it and it brings out an even more exhilarating experience for the users. The developers have bagged numerous awards for Lumino City, and we must say that they are all well deserved. The game app also caters a large audience. It is not only available in English but also in French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Spanish. Now that is distinctive! Now let us see how the tireless efforts of the developers have translated into extraordinary features of this app.



Lumino City is loaded with special features which makes this game so desirable and appealing for the users. It instills a feeling of thrill and anticipation. The point and tap setup of the adventure game is convenient and user friendly for those playing it. Another pus point is that the action based puzzle ties the whole app together, and makes the game addictive. The sharing option, ability to synchronize with icloud, faster downloads are just a few of its numerous features that has made the game so immensely popular. We will overview these features below:


In order to understand the character, you need to know the background story behind it. Lumino City is the imaginary fairyland depicted, which is used as the setting of the game. The caretaker of this city is Lumi’s grandfather, who has been kidnapped. When a player starts playing the game, he is embracing the role of Lumi who is searching for his grandfather. Although there are no long dialogues or scenes to explain the story, the developers are successful to carry the plot forward with the environmental challenges and through the journey of Lumi’s quest. It keeps the players involved in the game and they have a feeling of being able to control. This is the best thing about the app, because when you install a game app, you don’t want to end up watching an animated short film. 

Lumi always surprises the players with the sudden confrontations and adversities he faces during his quest. It keeps the users on the edge of their seat, and wipes away any boredom or frustration they faced earlier in the day. In other words, Lumi is daring, fearless and bold, and since the players have been given his character in the game, they experience the same feelings and spunk.



This game does not have any well-defined levels. It is rather spread into a sequence of several events involving the search for Lumi’s grandfather and rescuing them from the kidnappers. There are several different steps involved in the quest, and the player has to get past each hindrance to continue the journey. It is a never ending game, full of surprises!

Difficulty Level

The difficulty level of this game is not chronological. The game surprises the players with a mixed platter of easy, hard and difficult modes. At one moment, the game may seem extremely easy and the player may feel on the top of his game. However, in the very next moment there may be a twist here, and a turn there, that might be quite challenging. So this keeps the player engaged and motivated. Unlike other games the users do not lose interest because the game is too easy, or become demoralized because they are not able to pass the level. Since there is no progressive change in the level of difficulty, the players are ready to expect anything at any point. Now that deserves an applause for the developers!



Lumino City is an adventurous game. It involves point and click method for playing and passing different hurdles along the way. It is adored by the players, because in order to move, they just have to lightly touch the screens of their phones or tablets. Picking different objects is also as simple as tapping that object when it appears on screen. The game is like a big puzzle book and there are hints along the search to help solve the puzzle.

Graphics & Sound Effects

The best part about this game is its extraordinary graphics and sound effects that bring everything to life. The delicacy with which the city has been designed and built is commendable. Attention has been given to every minor detail of the set and one cannot tell that it is handmade of cardboard, held by glue and tape. The sound effects are appropriate, without which the game would have been incomplete. However, there is an option of muting the sound, in case anyone wants to play the game in public, where the sound and the music may be intrusive.


Other Special Features

Lumina City also has numerous special features that are unique to a game app of its genre. These features leave the players in awe. The credit of numerous awards, nominations and positive reviews also goes to these special and innovative tweaks and additional features. Let us see what these features are:

THE SET: We have already praised the graphics and the sound effects for having the realistic effect on the users. However, the set has been designed beautifully and with great artistic taste. Every turn and route on the screen of your phone or tablet is handmade and crafted out of cardboard, paper, glue, and tape. The mini lights and motor machines help set everything in motion and makes it appear as it does. This leaves the players mesmerized and the hard work has paid off!

ICLOUD SYNCHRONISATION: This game app can miraculously be synced to iCloud, which allows you to switch between your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. So not only can you play the game on any device that is convenient to you at that point and time, but you can continue it from where you left it. Isn’t that simply amazing!

SAVE YOUR GAME: iOS 9 and later upgrades allow you to use the new feature of Replay Kit. This helps you to record your game in full motion video and you can replay it whenever you want. Now, you can also help your friends who share the same interest in this game, and discuss the tricks and hacks. You’ll be mastering the game in no time. It is a win situation.

SPEEDY DOWNLOAD: Now you can download only the stuff you need. This is done by using the all new iOS 9 thinning technology. This not only saves your hard disk space, but also allows you to download in the blink of an eye.


Bottom Line

In a nutshell, Lumino City is the dream of every old school adventure game player. Once you get engaged in the quest, it becomes hard to put your phone down. The price for the app is also appropriate and affordable of most people. It is an amazing way to pass time without getting bored. It has received a lot of appreciation from Eurogamer, Adventure Gamers and many other game developing companies for creation of beautiful and engaging puzzles and mysteries. It is also named the winner for BAFA 2015 after being nominated thrice. It has also won the Developer Awards, BIG festival and Indie Prize Casual Connect.

I will give it a rating of 4, because even though it is engaging, players might lose interest because there are no levels to be passed or rewards along the way. There is no incentive to keep playing or a way to keep track of one’s performance. It is hard to compare and keep competition from friends who play the same game.

So, the final verdict is that is a great app with amazing graphics, story and character. Hopefully if they add a system of levels or keep a track of player’s score, it will be perfect!


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 2.5.2
Version iOS 10 or later
Size 2,335.97 MB
Developer State of Play Games
Genre Adventure , Puzzle

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