The game which I am now about to write a review is completely different from any other puzzle and adventure games I have reviewed or even played so far. When I say that it is absolutely unique, I am really true to my word. The concept behind the making of this game is probably the first of its kind if I am not wrong or maybe the rarest.


It has one of the best features and I completely adore them and in awe with them. Here’s what you have got in store.


Josef, the game’s protagonist and main character is a metallic robot who is silent throughout the course of the game. Josef used to live in an old city of robots which is in ruins with its girlfriend, Berta. One unfortunate day when the mayor’s castle was attacked by some bullies who went with the name of ‘Black Cap Brotherhood.’ Josef comes to help the mayor but instead of the bullies being caught by the castle guards, Josef is mistakenly captured and dumped in the city’s outskirts which is full of rubbish and crap.


Josef has some special features, such as; it can rotate his head a complete turn of 360°, it can open its mouth wide enough to swallow things which can be stored in the inventory for any further use, it can shrink or lengthen his body at its will too.

It has some intriguing and queer tactics too. For instance, it can shake its head vigorously if you are doing something wrong, if it is worried or panicking then it will start flailing its arms, sometimes its head drops so that you have fix it in place, if you are taking too long with a task then it will be standing in frustration.


There are plenty of other characters as well that help you and Josef throughout the game. They are basically some inventory items and some robots who are have been bullied that you and Josef might have to help.

Machinarium iOS Game Play

The main genre of the game is puzzle concocted with a bit of adventure. The game begins with Josef in the dump, disassembled and its body parts scattered all over the place. First you need to rebuild the robot and then when you have been successful in that endeavour, you along with Josef will go around the city solving a series of puzzles and brain teasers. These puzzles are all linked to one another and one clue will point to another or the leading story. You must solve all of them to reach to the end of the game.

If you are stuck on any part or level of the game then you can take the help of numerous hints that have been scattered throughout the game.


Difficulty Level

The game’s difficulty level increases as you move further into the game. The hints start to get vague and you probably require a bit more effort to solve the puzzles. But if you use your common sense and puzzle solving skills efficiently, I don’t know how that can be a problem.


There are about thirty difficult and challenging levels in Machinarium.

  1. Junkyard (level one): It’s the simple tutorial level. You will get to learn about how to play the game, its controls etc.
  2. Drawbridge (level two): In this level Josef has to get into the city and in order to do that he must fool the city gate guard.
  3. Bottom (level three): Josef must get into the city by using a minecart door.
  4. Furnace Room (level four): The main task is to get out of the furnace room using the inventory items provided to you.
  5. Prison Cells (level five): Josef has to escape from the prison cells.
  6. Guardroom (level six): You need to get into Telescope Room, the seventh level in this game. To do that you need to obtain the keys and release the prison guards and create a diversion.
  7. Telescope Room (level seven): You have to discover the Black Cap Brotherhood’s plot by having a sneak through the telescope.
  8. Prison Corridor (level eight): You need to obtain the plunger gun which is loaded and to escape the prison.
  9. Sea (level nine): You have to catch the dog with the help of the loaded plunger gun which obtained in the previous level.
  10. Docks (level ten): You have to pass the water leak.
  11. Buskers’ Square (level eleven): You need to help the robot band.
  12. Pub and Card Room (level twelve): You have to discover the Black Cap Brotherhood in their lair.
  13. Elevator Stairway (level thirteen): You need to travel between the level by finding a shortcut.
  14. Clock Square (level fourteen): You need to get into the fountain and the bathhouse level and collect items for future use.
  15. Arcade Bridge (level fifteen): You need to get into the games arcade along with catching the puzzle piece and the cat.
  16. Bathhouse (level sixteen): You need to discover the BCB in their hideout, get music for the pipe wrench robot, and you need to turn off the water of the fountain.
  17. Wall – middle (level seventeen): You need to lower the wall lift trolley.
  18. Kitchen (level eighteen): You need to give the fuel hosepipe to Josef, take the long metal hook away from Josef.
  19. Wall – base (level nineteen): You need to give the long metal hook to Berta which you took from Josef in the previous level. You also need the wall life trolley to get onto the top of the wall by fueling it.
  20. Wall – top (level twenty): You need to get into the glasshouse.
  21. Glasshouse (level twenty one): Get the sunflower seeds and get out of the glasshouse.
  22. Castle Bridge (level twenty two): Help the guard and its pet, get the sunflower oil, and finally get into the elevator.
  23. Games Arcade (level twenty three): Win coins from the gaming machine.
  24. Elevator (level twenty four): To get to the elevator and to make it work so it moves all the four floors.
  25. Lobby (level twenty five): Get to the top floor by getting to the chandelier.
  26. Restroom (level twenty six): Get to the bomb.
  27. Bomb (level twenty seven): Defuse the bomb.
  28. Castle (level twenty eight): Talk to the mayor and get into the cellar.
  29. Cellar (level twenty nine): Josef must be reunited with Bertha.
  30. Dome (level thirty) (and final cutscene): You need to get into the helicopter.

Graphics & Sound Effects

The game has been beautifully designed. From the waterworks to making the levers working. Its graphics are simple and eye-catchy. Plus the game has designed on pretty and picturesque artworks.

The game has an assortment of soundtracks. In fact, I have never seen these many tracks in any game.

Main Tracks

  1. The Bottom
  2. The Sea
  3. Clockwise Operetta
  4. Nanorobot Tune
  5. The Mezzanine
  6. Handagote
  7. Gameboy Tune
  8. The Furnace
  9. The Black Cap Brotherhood
  10. The Prison
  11. The Glasshouse with Butterfly
  12. The Castle
  13. The Elevator
  14. The End (Prague Radio)

Bonus Tracks

  1. The Robot Band Tune
  2. Pipe Wrench Dubstep
  3. Game in the Brain
  4. Defusing the Bomb
  5. By the Wall

Other Special Features

The special features of this game are the mini games that you can play in order to solve a puzzle. When you play a mini-game then you are given an access to a walkthrough.  The walkthroughs are a series of sketches. The walkthrough tells the player about the things that need to be done in the level but not how can they be done.

Bottom Line

The game’s central story is based on a robot’s quest to cleanse its city of the bullies. Amanita Design making a game over a problem that is still prevailing in our society and that too in its full strengths, is a great initiative to me. It shows that our games can be a medium to educate our population about the ongoing problems that we all face and how to deal or stand up to them.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 2.3.4
Version iOS 8 or later
Size 250.86 MB
Developer Amanita Design s.r.o.
Genre Adventure , Puzzle

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