Minecraft is a gaming world where users explore the game world made that is made entirely of blocks or to what some might see as enlarged pixels. Combine different things to form new items all depending upon the high limits of your creative minds. Players may explore the game world at their own relative pace and look for valuable items and store them, build structure or battle the mobs that may enable you win the reward  or even help you gain experience points which you may spend to enhance your building tools, resources, weapons and the armor to further playing experience. Players can enjoy the game in single player or even in multiplayer mode and experience Minecraft world with different players.


Following are the features of the game and its detailed review:


In Minecraft: Pocket edition, the player is the main character of the game. You can customize the player if you wish but there are two default players available to choose from namely, Steve and Alex. By going in the options, you can also change the name of the player easily according to your will.


Minecraft: Pocket Edition is all about craft, create and explore. You can play it alone or explore the realms of Minecraft with friends in multiplayer mode. There is no level system. It is an extraordinary survival game.

Difficulty Level

Pocket Edition may seem a bit more challenging than any other Minecraft as there is no ‘The Nether’ in the gameplay. That means no source for hostile mobs and subsequent drops. But here a new feat that is ‘Nether Tower’ is available for players to build that may help in acquiring some Nether materials.

The difficulty can be set by going to the options menu. The difficulty you choose will impact various aspects of the game. There are four difficulty modes to choose from:

  • Peaceful – This is the easiest mode out of all. In this mode, the player’s health will regenerate quickly, mobs will not spawn except wolves “hostile wolves” and “iron golems”.
  • Easy – An easy mode to play. In this mode, villagers will not turn into zombies if killed by one.
  • Normal – The spawning of hostile mobs will be in large quantity as compared easy mode. The chance of villagers turning into zombies is fifty-fifty.
  • Hard – The difficult mode of all, there will be great spawning of mobs and zombies can even break doors. Villagers will turn into zombies with surely, there isn’t any escape.


The gameplay in Minecraft Pocket Edition offers the gamer two distinct modes namely as ‘Creative Mode’ and the ‘Survival Mode’.

In Creative Mode you can build whatever you like, using your imaginative skills. No need to mine or storing resources. Players here are welcomed with no finite inventory you construct whatever you find necessary or like that is already full with all building resources needed.

In Survival Mode the player has no resources, in the beginning, you have to delve resources, weapons mine your way, search valuable items. Hostile mobs will appear on your way as you begin your exploration of the unknown world your players are in and you got to battle your way out.

Graphics & Sound Effects

The sound effects are exceptional and definitely added beauty and worth to the game. However, the graphics and visuals of Minecraft: Pocket Edition are not so impressive.

Other Specials Features

The most extraordinary feature that this game has is the creative ability it offers the players to work with. Buildings different things is so much fun. You can master your creative skills and can make simple homes or even castles. The fun is never ending in creative mode.

Bottom Line

Whether you are unfamiliar with the game, or a Minecraft lover in my view Pocket Edition is a worthwhile in investing your time as it gives you the best experience of an entirely new Minecraft as you can see that by the no. of awards the game has won and one of top rated iOS games it has been.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 1.4.3
Version iOS 8 or later
Size 194.27 MB
Developer Mojang
Genre Arcade , RPG , Strategy

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