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Minecraft Story mode for iOS is presented to you by the award-winning adventure game powerhouse Telltale Games in partnership with Minecraft creators, Mojang. It’s the story of the game revolving around and depending on the decisions you make: what you say to people and what are your intentions to choose to do in moments of the thrilling action will make your own story of the Minecraft.


Coming to the game, it plays with block building theme as your hero and the team take part in building the most impressive Minecraft creation. It’s the players choice that affects the story and his decisions are vital in the quest.

Here is the detailed analysis related to the various features of the Minecraft: Story Mode.


There is a long list of character in Minecraft: Story Mode that have been divided among groups such as:

  • Jesse’s Gang – This group includes Jesse, Olivia, Axel, Petra, Reuben and Lukas and they are titled as the “New Order of the Stone” in episode 4.
  • The Blaze Rods – This group consists of three arrogant adventurous builders namely Aiden, Gill and Maya.
  • The Order of the Stone – They are a group of four legendary heroes straight out of the land of Minecraft. Formerly this group had five members.

Besides these, you will encounter many other minor characters too throughout the game.



Minecraft: Story mode is an eight-part episodic series, your choice for the player character to be male or female who is named as ‘Jesse’ and start your adventure across the Overworld, through Nether, to The End, and Beyond. Terror is unleashed, and you have to make a journey delving The Order of Stone to save your world from falling into oblivion. Each episode is comprised of six chapters.

  • Episode 1 – The Order of the Stone.
  • Episode 2 – Assembly Required.
  • Episode 3 – The Last Place You Look.
  • Episode 4 – A Block and A Hard Place.
  • Episode 5 – Order Up!
  • Episode 6 – A Portal to Mystery.
  • Episode 7 – Access Denied.
  • Episode 8 – A Journey’s End?

Difficulty Level

In my opinion, the only difficulty Minecraft: Story Mode has is the difficulty that players face throughout the game i.e. the choice. Because your choices are what will shape the quest and will impact the next episode.


Minecraft: Story Mode iOS Gameplay

The gameplay of Minecraft: Story Mode is a mixture of adventure and Role Playing as the player will solve the various interesting puzzle and chat with characters available throughout the game to discover more about the plot. Collecting items are just another part of the game. Just like any other good role playing the game, Minecraft: Story Mode also allows you to make your own choices and lead your own path i.e. what makes this game even more interesting as well as intriguing.


Graphics & Sound Effects

The graphics of the game are not so impressive but they are not that bad even. The visuals are something in between likable and unlikable; however, the engaging factor has filled this void. The sound effects are also good. The game could have become more amazing if the graphics were not that child like.

Other Special Features

It’s a head-scratching concept as Minecraft has never had a story of its own or of any kind. The story always been about making your own fun and coming up with stories as you experience the perilous world of Minecraft. though Telltale has worked greatly on the narratives, as if you are unfamiliar with Minecraft even then you are able to enjoy your hero’s quest. Your hero is accompanied by a team of three Axel, Olivia and his pet Reuben which comes together in forming the team of builders.


Bottom Line

It has experienced worldwide positive acclaim among youngsters and adults both. Minecraft Story Mode has been a great start to a new series of creativity. The game seems to have a child like visuals that might set off a few Telltale games’ fans but the series is set to be warmly welcomed all across the globe by Minecraft fans and families.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 1.7.0
Version iOS 7.1 or later
Size 1,114.54 MB
Developer Telltale Inc
Genre Adventure , RPG

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