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The sequel to the highly popular game Monument Valley was a surprise because its fans, myself included weren’t expecting a part 2 because the developers Ustwo made it clear on multiple occasions that a sequel would not come out, so low and behold when it did hit the app store fans were overjoyed and I was quick to hit the buy button. The original Monument Valley was an award-winning puzzle game that follows the story of Princess Ida that as we help her solve puzzles through her journey to be forgiven for stealing the Sacred Geometry.  The game became a huge success due to its simple yet challenging gameplay, beautiful graphics and captivating story which appealed to players of all ages. The Monument Valley 2 has a new Princess, actually two, Princess Ro and her daughter, a new charming mother and daughter story, stunning graphics and soundtrack that makes the ones from the previous game look outdated and washed out and a similar gameplay in which the players help Ro and her daughter make way through artistically drawn castles by solving puzzles and watching the story develop and grow.


There are plenty of new and exciting features in the game, and some elements have also been carried over from the original. Let’s look into them a little deeper, shall we?


Monument Valley 2 introduced two new characters, Princess Ro and almost her spitting image Ro’s daughter, and it is their story the game focuses on and we watch evolve as the game progresses. Ustwo has managed to tell their story incredibly well considering there is no dialogue or facial expression, but Ro and her daughter were able to portray their emotions. At the very end of the game I was also able to move Ro and her daughter individually to solve the puzzle and as a player, I really got a sense of how the characters have grown stronger especially the daughter, which in my view really adds to the pleasure of the game.



Like its predecessor, Monument Valley 2 is also a short game with just 14 levels, having said that each level has been beautifully designed and is a pleasure to play, although many players, like myself who have played the original and the expansion will find the levels a little too easy. But that is shortcoming is somewhat compensated by the fact that each level is stunning.

Difficulty Level:

Here is where one of my gripes about the game lies, the levels are pretty easy and left me wanting a little more contest. Also, the few puzzle mechanisms that have been borrowed from the previous game were a letdown, however, don’t let that stop you from playing this masterpiece because the new additions are marvelous and my favorite has to be the tree that grows depending on the amount of sunlight you provide it.


Monument Valley 2 iOS Game Play

Just like the original the gameplay is simple to guide Ro and her daughter through the picturesque castle with mazes that include optical illusions and impossible objects. The game is perfect for players of all ages due to its simplicity, just tap on the screen to move Ro and her child, or to trigger changes in the architecture.


Graphics and Sound Effects

The strongest element of the games is its graphics, design and sound effects. The attention, love, and dedication the Ustwo team speaks for itself. The castles capture M.C. Escher-style design in a magical way. The soundtrack and effects perfectly suit the magical nature of the game.

Bottom Line

I am a fan of the game, both the original and this sequel, although I feel the developers could have made the game a little more challenging, but that aside, I would still give this game a pretty high rating and I recommend that you give this one a try, especially if you have children.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 1.2.15
Version iOS 9.0 or later
Size 492.18 MB
Developer ustwo Games Ltd
Genre Puzzle

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