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A uniquely programmed puzzle game, Monument Valley is a highly intriguing game. It keeps the users gripped to the last level. Using high level of optical illusion and manipulating puzzles, it is one of a kind. It has a calm and meditating aura with pacific music. Developed over a lengthy period of ten months by company’s artist Ken Wong, it is visually strong and aesthetically beautiful. The artistry of the game was inspired by Japanese Prints and minimalist sculpture and indie games like Fez, Windosill and Sword & Sworcery. It went through the process of critique by the famous M. C. Escher and Echochrome. It made its debut on iOS on 3rd April, 2014 and after that the developers launched the application on Android and Windows Phone.


Some of the brilliantly designed features are explained below.


Ida, an extremely enigmatic and intriguing character who is trapped in a realm of a lost valley.


Crows, the antagonist who frequently block Ida’s path to the final destination. Sometimes, squawking and crowing, compelling her to find a new way to her destination.


The Ghost, a storyteller, that appears in the story and narrates various situation.


The Totem, a structure of four blocks with a blue marking on each and an eye and four heads on the top block. It’s a friend to the protagonist that appears in several levels and helps the main character to its final destination.

Monument Valley iOS Gameplay

The player of the game is in control of the mysterious protagonist Princess Ida, who remains silent throughout the game. The player has to guide Princess Ida who has been lost and trapped in a valley through various mind boggling and labyrinthine mazes and puzzles. Constructing and deconstructing impossible multi-dimensional and illusion pathways. The princess is in search of forgiveness, for what? That you will have to know when you reach the end of the last level.

With simple point and click control, this game is easier to play. You need to guide Ida through various mazes but mind you, Ida can only climb ladders or walk on flat surfaces and in order to do that you need to use alternate routes, create new paths by pushing or raising pillars, using levers etc. You must also help Ida to save herself from the cawing and vexatious crows who are there to create impedance in her way.

Its touch controls are intuitive which makes it a great experience for tablet users or smart phone users rather than ones you would normally find in a console or a gaming PC.

In this uniquely produced game, the puzzle is the King and the core of the game is that last door that you have to reach making your way through the multi-dimensional mazes.


Difficulty Level

The specialty of this game is that it is neither too long nor it is too challenging. As oppose to general view of the games which tend to be challenging and difficult, it is absolutely not. It is a tranquil game with calmness seeping into it. It doesn’t become a chore and the player enjoys it relax-fully till the end.


Monument Valley consists of ten beautifully constructed levels.

Chapter One

Where it all began.

Chapter Two: The Garden

Ida’s quest for forgiveness.


Chapter Three: Hidden Temple

Ida’s has an unexpected visitor.


Chapter Four: Water Place

Ida is discovering and finding new techniques and ways to walk.


Chapter Five: The Spire

Ida’s encounter of the annoying Crows.

Chapter Six: The Labyrinth

Meeting Ida’s new friend, the Totem.

Chapter Seven: The Rookery

The part in which there is a vacant throne.

Chapter Eight: The Box

The part in which you find intriguing delights.

Chapter Nine: The Descent

The part in which you find out there is no one left to forgive you.

Chapter Ten: Observatory

The journey is finished and whatever you thought was not meant for you have been returned.

Graphics and Sound Effects

The graphics are stunning with intricately used geometry and sets of rules. With strikingly sharp features and a subtle use of colors and palettes which blend into each other giving the user an absolutely ethereal experience. Taking inspiration from various Japanese and Arabic architectural designs and origami, it captures the user in its magic. The complexity of the structures occurring and the designs unfolding is a pure handiwork of a genius.


The music is like no other. It’s aesthetically beautiful and calm and tranquil for the ears. It blends with the whole environment of the game, giving the users a diaphanous experience. The featuring music of the game is by Stafford Bawler, Obfusc, and Grigori.

Other Special Features

While playing you pause more than once to admire the beauty this game is and keeping that in mind, the developers have given a chance to the users to take screenshots and share it on social media instantaneously, moreover, they provide you with filters too.

An expansion pack named Forgotten Shores was also released for the iOS and then for the Windows and Android users. It has eight additional levels to the original ten. For a limited time an expansion pack for the iOS users was also released featuring Ida in a red outfit and with new puzzles.

The company also released a windows phone port back in April, 2015.

Bottom Line

After an awfully long and tiring day when you finally relax your mind and body, this is the game you need to play. Its music is enchanting and soothing and a delight to the ears. The simple and easy levels are a no work on the tired mind. This game is gripping and it is unique. A lot of thought and process has been put to its production and graphics. And I would recommend everyone to play it and enjoy the beauty that this game is.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 2.5.21
Version iOS 8 or later
Size 651.90 MB
Developer Ubisoft
Genre Arcade , Puzzle

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