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The Mysterium is an interactive and engaging deduction game. The iOS version of this immersive game is the adaptation of the original game “The Mysterium” which is the winner of “As d’Or Jeu de l’Année – 2016”. The game was announced this past November, but it was slightly delayed last month and finally launched on 12 January 2017 by Asmodee Digital under the license of IGames.

It is a cooperative board game that can be played either as a ghost of a murder victim or paranormal psychics. The objective of the game is to solve the mystery behind the murder as to who, where, and how the murder took place. The ghost can give clues by using various types of cards and the other players have to use those clues and ultimately solve the mystery of the murder.



The Mysterium contains a richly illustrated and thought-out gameplay which keeps your mind working. Some of the well-crafted features are detailed below:


You can play Mysterium either as a medium or as a ghost.


The ghost haunts the hall of the Warwick Manor searching for the memories surrounding his suspicious death. The role of the ghost is to give the clues to mediums (psychics) by communicating through abstract images. The communication of the ghost is limited to visions and dreams by illustrated cards.



The role of the Medium is to interpret the visions by gathering the clues sent by the victim’s ghost and attempt to close the investigation. There are different story modes to discover the background of each medium.



The game expands and takes you to another level as soon as you get with solving the current/ given case.  Moreover, the in-game shop lets you able to unleash the additional cases.  You can also switch between the new and old cases if you feel like continuing or playing the old one.


Difficulty Level

The difficulty level increases when you choose to play the one. Level difficulty increases as vision cards become a bit tougher to guess and clues given offers bit trickiness as well. You can select from an easy, medium and difficult level which can b seen through the visuals and clues obtained during the game.


The storyline is set in the 1920s about the mystery surrounding a suspicious death in Warwick Manor where the ghost guides a group of psychics to uncover a murder, as well as the location of the murder and the weapon used, only with the help of the visual clues. You can play the game in, either way, i.e. you can play your part as a ghost of the murdered individual, or you can be one of the psychics who try to solve the murder mystery. The game really gets interesting as the psychics try to reconstruct all the events and happenings that took place at the murder time.

As stated beforehand, the player (ghost) will get a hint from the psychic only in the form of visual cards which would be displayed during the game. The amazing graphics and the artistic work make the game more interesting. The helping cards point to the specific character or location, you just need to view the card in-depth to understand and get the correct details so that is the only way you can solve the mystery.

The gameplay has been designed stage wise, like, in the first turn, the ghost will send the vision of the suspect; however, if you get it wrong, then the ghost will show another vision card to give you an additional chance. Upon identifying the suspect correctly, you will be taken to another level to identify the correct location; once you guess the correct location, a vision card will appear to guess the murder object. If you get all the three things correct, then the ghost will send up to seven cards to show how much time and how many guesses it took to identify the correct cards.

The final showdown takes place when a set of new vision cards will appear to match all the three; culprit, location and murder weapon correctly. If you match them all correctly, you won – else you will lose the game.

Story Mode

The story mode features nine different cases which include tutorials and also include some little game-play time. The story mode helps you to take you through different tools and techniques which will help you to make the correct choice of the vision cards during the gameplay.

Graphics & Sound Effects

You will fall in love with the amazing and mesmerizing graphics that will leave you amazed. The sound effects are so nicely incorporate that you will feel captivated at every single point in the game.

Other Special Features

You can play Mysterium not only as a solo player with AI players; there is a multiplayer mode as well in which you can cooperate with other mediums via an online chat system. It supports up to 7 players online (cross platform: tablet/mobile/computer).


Bottom Line

The Mysterium does complete justice in depicting the true richness and gravity of the award-winning murder mystery board game. This iOS version is more streamlined, and serves its purpose really well. To conclude, Mysterium a remarkable mystery game to keep your brain into the driver seat.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 2.3.5
Version iOS 7 or later
Size 1,323.41 MB
Developer Asmodee Digital
Genre Board

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