NBA 2K18 is a classic addition to the 2K family. 2K’s NBA games are well-known for their smoothness, clean design, and top-notch performance. 2K18 on iOS devices offers stunning graphics and perfect game-play and high-class gaming experience. It’s considered more solid and polished than the previous entries, which is one of the reasons why within no time it became the top most downloaded game. With more realistic graphics and design, NBA 2k18 has much to offer to basketball lovers!


Let us discuss some of the amazing features of the game.


Every team has its different characters. You pick a team to play with and each comprises of its own basketball players (obviously) you can control.




The player primarily plays NBA ball games with genuine or tweaked players and groups. All things considered, diversions take after the tenets and goals of NBA basketball games. A few diversion modes are accessible for the player and numerous settings can be redone.

Once you first launch the game you are asked to create your own player there are plenty of customizations options which includes:

  • Position
  • Archetype
  • Height
  • Number
  • Handed
  • And many others

Also, we have a Quick Game Mode in which the user is allowed to choose between all the NBAs and also Euro Series.

The most exciting and interesting thing the game offers is the MyCareer Mode. You can start your basketball career as a young player. You can create your user profile and choose who you want to be in future. Also, you can choose a college that you want to attend. This year you have to play for college games to show off your skills and improve your NBA ranking. It can be annoying in case you want to start playing in the NBA as soon as possible.


Difficulty Level

The difficulty level varies with each badge in NBA-2K18.  Then a selected number of badges can be upgraded to the Hall Of Fame.


There are four main modes/levels offered by NBA-2K18 Quick Game, Black Top, Season Mode and MyCareer.

Quick Game and Season Mode doesn’t offer much. They are just what you would expect in any annual basketball game. Blacktop is the first to 21 2v2 road ball game. MyCareer mode is considered the most exciting and favorite mode in all.


My Career allows you to develop a player, take them through some experiment with games in College, which prompts to your player getting drafted. When drafted, you and your player work your way up the pivot, acquiring currency which can be utilized to enhance your player, which gives you a chance to make all the more a commitment to a group et cetera. My Career mode is an astonishing mode in the first place and the moderate, yet enduring enhancements to your player go about as an incredible driver to continue playing.

Two more interesting modes includes,

  • Backtop Mode: 

The NBA 2K18’s Backtop mode adds a little freshness to the game as it features some amazing new courts with more than ever life to these. This mode is more life-like because it has fans present in the court that reacts to the happenings to the game. Additionally the mode also features player intro animations and you will love seeing your favorite players in normal clothing rather in jerseys.

  • Season Mode:

The Season mode allows you set the number of games that each team will play throughout the season. You can choose the number of games from 14, 29, 58 and 82. In this mode the difficulty can be varied in terms that you choose to turn on or off the progressive fatigue and injuries of players.

Graphics & Sound Effects

One of the coolest thing about NBA-2K18 is that the game’s graphics are legit and clean. It has become more realistic than its predecessors. The modes of the player, the ball handling, the jump shot styles and so on have become even more similar to what we actually see in the real NBA game. The game has been architectured on real life presentations such as commentary, crowd animations, half time, player animations, lighting and camera angles.


11 different announcers and commentators offer some up-to-the-minute commentary throughout the game. The commentators include:

  • Chris Webber
  • Kevin Harlin
  • David Aldridge
  • Brent Barry
  • Doris Burke
  • Shaquille O’Neal

And many more.

Also, the soundtrack of the game features about 50 songs of greatest artist and their all time hits.

Other Special Features

  • Return Of MYGM and MyLeague Game Modes: 

One of the touted enhancements NBA-2k18 offering is the game’s returning MyGM and MyLeague diversion modes. Both modes have the player going about as the decision compel of all basketball operations for a particular group and permit the player to modify numerous parts of the team. MyGM is more centered on keeping up a reasonable, working group and awing the proprietor, while MyLeague offers significantly more customization choices. In both modes, the player recreates through seasons, evolving faculty, playing in diversions themselves, and taking an interest in off-season exercises, for example, the draft.

  • New Controller: 

The game has offered a brand new controller. However, the users, especially the consistent users of the 2K series who have been using the app for a long time, do not seem to like it much. It is reported to be difficult to adopt for many users.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, NBA-2K18 is worth the investment! With various cool improvements in the visuals as well the modes, the game now has much  to offer to all the basketball lovers than its predecessors. However, there’s room for improvement in various aspects like, working on the controls (fixing the issues) , which is becoming a serious issue and may bring many unhappy and frustrated users in the future.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 1.04
Version iOS 9 or later
Size 2,951.77 MB
Developer 2K
Genre Sports

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