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Have you ever came to that point in life where people mocked you and your dreams because they could not understand them and they seemed too absurd to them and still you tried to prove them wrong. Despite all the hindrances and hardships you achieved what you wanted and you were successful in making the folks change their opinions about you? Well, Piloteer is a puzzle game just like that. It is about a girl’s dream of learning to fly. It is about an inventor who is learning to fly and who is adamant to prove people wrong who are skeptical of her. She wants to remove the stigma that is around associated with flying a jet-pack. Hence, it is a journey of adventure and exploring new things and doing what you firmly believe in. Piloteer, is an eccentric and challenging puzzle simulator game. Fix Point Productions have done neat job in producing a simulation game that is not only challenging but fun to play.


Well, it has some kickass features and I have discussed them below, so take a look and judge for yourself.


The main and only character is of a female Piloteer. She is curious, ambitious and ready to prove everyone wrong and clear any misconceptions in people’s minds regarding her or her new passion. And you must help her achieve her goal. But remember failure will hit you quite a lot of times before you attain perfection and greatness.

Piloteer iOS Game Play

The game, although looks very simple and easy to play and the gameplay even more elementary but do not be fooled by it because it is reasonably tricky and quite a trouble to play. And it will take you quite some time and many trial and errors to master the game and be a great at it. You need to guide the Piloteer and help her fly. You need to tap on either side to make the Piloteer take off.  Tapping on the left side will make her fly towards the right side of the screen while tapping on the right will make her fly towards the right side of the screen whereas tapping both the sides at the same time will boost her jet up in the sky in either direction. Maneuvering the jet and the character is the real deal and pretty hard to do. Failures are inevitable and they make you laugh by their silliness and also want to pull your hair apart because of the mere frustration of not succeeding so easily.

You need to perform trick after trick and take part in challenges and complete them.


Do not be tricked into thinking that it is a simple touch and tap game that is why it will be easy to play. The game is quite difficult to play initially when you are learning how to fly, the maneuvering gets out hands too. You fail plenty of times so much that it can lower your morale down or boost it up because of the doltish ways in which your character fails. But as you keep on playing and you get to know the game more and more your grip at it firms and you have less failed attempts than before. You also master the strategies and learn about new tricks as you practice more and more. Hence we can say that here practice makes the man perfect and it is definitely the key to success.



There are three levels in total. And all of the three levels are packed with various goals that you have to complete. There are various tasks that you have to perform in order to attain a certain goal, like back flipping, jumping over hoops or through loops, land upon various objects that have been laid throughout the game etc.

Complete the missions via following the rules and save yourself from crash landing and that is how you will be successful in moving onto the next level.

Graphics & Sound Effects

The graphics are very well designed. They are creative, sophisticated and of professional quality. There is a cardboard cutout feel to the whole aesthetics of the game which is very pleasing to the eyes. The palettes of the themes are dark unlike many other iOS games. This adds a kind of rawness to the two dimensional graphics of the game.

Sound tracks are beautifully rendered to the game. They go so complacently with the whole theme and the graphics and the gameplay of this touch and tap, puzzle game. The tunes are made through piano which are sweet and melodious.


Other Special Features

A number of special features have been found in this version of the game.

  • Bugs have been fixed and it runs just fine.
  • Gameplay gets challenging as you proceed further completing missions and tasks. There is a whole bunch of sixty missions waiting for you to enjoy and play.
  • You have a choice to fly in three pleasing environments.
  • There are two modes to the game as well, namely, Career and Free fly mode.
  • Special effects based on physics and are eccentric and amusing and ridiculous.
  • GameCentre achievements are there too.
  • You can now also share replays and screenshots with friends on Twitter, Facebook or Email.

Bottom Line

Piloteer is a hilarious game packed with fun and ridiculous acts of failure. It gets on your nerves and it is frustrating at times but it is definitely worth your time and worth playing. If you get hold of the game and its maneuvers then it gets immense fun. So I would definitely recommend you guys to play it without losing your head of course.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 1.36
Version iOS 7 or later
Size 263.57 MB
Developer Fixpoint Productions Ltd.
Genre Adventure

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