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Plague Inc.



Last week, I was having the worst day of my life. Everything I wrote was somehow garbage. I felt infected. It was then I realized I haven’t played Plague Inc. for a while now. Created by Ndemic Creations, the game forces you to use tact in order to kill everyone by creating an unstoppable disease.


While many believe that the game positions you as a creator of an infection, I have my own take on the gameplay. In Plague Inc., you are a living, non-human organism who wants to eradicate everything on the planet.


To begin, you have to pick the type of disease you want to be. The choices are plenty as you can be anything from a simple bacteria to fast-spreading virus to massively destructive bio-weapon. Plus, you can also be specialized infections like mind-controlling Neurax Worm, zombie-like ailment Necroa Virus, dystopian “Simian Flu” from the movie Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and vampire-themed Shadow Plague.


After choosing the level of difficulty, you select the country of your Patient Zero, your first victim. This is where I would like to slip some advice. In order to get the best results, select a country which has poor health facilities.


However, that’s not enough. You will have to mutate yourself in order to become severely lethal. Plus, you need to decide the modes of transmission. I love to be a mosquito-infected disease.


As the plague spreads around the world, doctors start noticing its existence. Therefore, scientists begin work on finding a cure. At this point, it is essential to harden against expected threats. I always like to become drug resistant.

If you are in luck, you can infect the crowd at an event like the Olympics to get a surge in deaths. However, if the scientists complete a cure, you won’t have a surviving chance.


Since the game is story-based, your actions are mostly based on simple taps. You will get all sorts of data visualizations to help your mission. You will get “minute-by-minute news” update providing information about the infection’s impact on the world population. It will also notify about any breakthroughs in medical discoveries.

Sound Effects

The game has an eerie background music, but it gets super scary when you hear bone-chilling rendition of famous nursery rhyme Twinkle Twinkle Star upon scoring your first death. This is one element that makes me visit this game regularly.

App’s Popularity

In the era of battle royale games, you expect games like Plague Inc. to be forgotten. However, it’s popular. In fact as I was writing this review, it was the top-ranking strategy on the iTunes US store. Plague Inc. may not be violent, but it is the best story-based strategizer on the planet.

Bottom Line

Like any great strategy game, Plague Inc. grips you with simplistic, yet informative gameplay. However, it affects your soul too. You start realizing you live in a world where you might be lucky to survive ailments but there are many who aren’t. Now, go eat your vitamins!


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 1.16.3
Version IOS 8 Or Later
Size 111.9 MB
Developer Ndemic Creations
Genre Story Game , Strategy

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