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If you’ve got bored catching Pokémon with Pokémon GO, do not worry! There’s a new game out by the Pokémon Company called Pokémon Duel, which is a board style strategy game. The Pokémon Duel lets you build a deck of your favorite Pokémon and compete against the players from all around the world in League Matches.


In order to win the round, you need to get one of your figures to your opponent’s goal before they do. Though it may sound very simple, but it involves strategic movements to accomplish the goal. You need to carefully choose your route and set up a strategic formation and attack your opponent or block their path. This game requires more involvement than Pokémon GO as it is heavily based on tactics.


Pokémon Duel is enriched with a bundle of features and strategic gameplay. Let’s dive into the features so we can get an overview of the insights of this game.


A player can choose from the various Pokémon available. The Pokémon figures are earned by winning battles or opening Boosters. The boosters are unlocked after a predetermined amount of time or number of multiplayer wins and can be purchased at the shop by using gems. A player must keep opening Boosters to build a strong party.

Pokémon can be classified as common, uncommon, rare or EX. Most Pokémon that a player receives after a victory is on the lower levels. There is various kind of Pokémon as well. For example, Sprinters can move fast, so they’re good for rushes and pushing for a quick win, Battlers are great for… battle, of course, and Defensive Pokémon can be used to stick to your base. As the game progress through Pokémon Duel, a player is able to get more powerful Pokémon to improve their team.



As you progress in the game, the player will get equipped with more strong and powerful Pokémon to improve your team. You can also evolve your Pokémon. Though evolution is great but not a necessity and you must have the monster’s base figure plus its evolution in order to evolve. There is also an option called “Fusion”, which allow you to raise the level of your Pokémon, which results in increased damage of your Pokémon’s attack while reducing the amount you miss.

This will increase the level of the players which allow you to play against the high-level players when playing in multiplayer mode.

Difficulty Level

As previously mentioned above, the strategy is the most important aspect of Pokémon Duel, therefore, you need to be on your top game in when making strategies, and once you’re able to figure out how to make good strategies, this game won’t be extremely challenging for you. The overview shows that you only need to move one Pokémon figure to the opponent’s goal, but you need to play your cards right and make the good strategic decision to win the game as old battle tactics not work in this game.

That being said, battles also include an incentive of luck as they are chance-based as the attacks are chosen by the spin of a wheel. Sometimes a little forethought Pokémon is able to beat rashly challenged strong Pokémon in a duel, but that must not hold you back from making the best strategy you can as fortune favors the prepared mind.

You must also choose your combination wisely and consider upgrading your Pokémon timely. When you upgrade your Pokémon, it expands the slices of the pie for high-damage moves or increases their power of the attack.


Pokémon Duel IOS Game Play

The gameplay of the strategic board game of Pokémon is designed beautifully and clear instructions are provided to understand the game. You are offered to select six Pokémon figures before the start of each duel. This game contains all kind of Pokémon, each of them having a different level of strength and a set number of steps they can take, so you need to choose them very carefully and wisely.

You land next to one of your opponent’s Pokémon and then engage in battles, which are determined by the attacks on each Pokémon’s Data Disk. You need to spin the disk in order to reveal the attack that each Pokémon will be able to use. The Pokémon which comes up with the highest damage knocks the other monster off the board temporarily. You’re allowed to see your opponent’s deck before each battle, so you can use that to judge how you’re matched up.

You must either knock out the opposing Pokémon or cause it to move out of your way. Also, there is a plate available at the start of your turn having different effects, for example, you can swap the position of your Pokémon in play, or give them different enhancements for that particular turn. This game also includes some fascinating effects like poison reducing their attack, or paralysis causing a Pokémon to lose a turn.

There is also a time limit for each player, if the player does not make the move within the time limit, they lose a turn. So you must know how and where to efficiently position, block and attack with your Pokémon in a limited time in order to win this game.


Graphics & Sound Effects

The graphics of Pokémon Duel looks really great. The game is rendered in detailed 3D that gives real-world collectibles feel. The rest of the game, however, is a touch more showy with overly-complicated menus coupled generic 2D character art. The touch response is also fast and balanced.  The sound effects are very solid and spot on. Therefore, the overall game looks fantastic on the iOS device.

Other Special Features

Multiplayer Support

Pokémon Duel contains a big online component. You can duel against the real opponents whenever you want by tapping “League Match” button which is placed on the Home screen of the game. Players are matched according to their level of skill. That means a player having a similar record will be matched each other for duel so the level of the game is balanced.


Gem Store

It is possible to play the entire game of Pokémon Duel without spending a dime, which is great as the benefit a player gets by paying for a chance at a better deck does not undermine the strategy required to win.

The gem store, however, comes with bundles containing guaranteed rare item inside them, which can be spent on new Pokémon, which can alternatively be unlocked slowly using the timed crate mechanic seen in so many other games.

Bottom Line

Pokémon Duel contains the level complexity that everyone was expecting from the Pokémon franchise. However, it might turn some player who isn’t used to strategy games.  Nevertheless, It contains a lot of elements — the desire to “catch ’em all”, that make Pokémon games popular — along with the immersive and interactive gameplay which makes it hard to resist.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 6.0.11
Version iOS 7 or later
Size 249.87 MB
Developer The Pokemon Company
Genre Action , Board , Strategy

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