Prism is a cool, puzzle sort of game that is designed to let you traverse and experience a visually charismatic journey through a microcosmic galaxy! The game has unique and innovative challenges to offer and very little instructions are given. The users are left to figure out their journey throughout the game by themselves. Although being released recently in February 2016, the game still made its way to the Gamer’s Voice Award at SXSW and Best Upcoming Game at IMGA. Prism is a wonderful and fun filled journey from beginning to end.



Let us discuss some of the exciting features of the game.


The game itself does not have any characters or animations.

_Prism iOS Gameplay

Every level of the game resembles a microcosmic system of planets circling a sun. You tap on a “planet” to start a level. The puzzles comprise basically of sliders, catches, turning pieces, and some different surprises that I would prefer not to ruin. However, rather than resembling the physical sliders that you may see in Fireproof Games’ The Room series, they’re dynamic, straightforward shapes and lines. The earliest reference point has you just dragging a little red speck along a white line to a circle figure. You’re then given associated blue specks that should be dragged to their layouts. The third shading you’ll see is orange, and these pieces can be turned utilizing two fingers. This is kind of the game’s instructional exercise, demonstrating to you how the distinctive pieces work through experimentation. Each puzzle you tackle causes the 3D shapes move somehow.


The primary thing you see about Prism is the magnificent 3D plan that looks amazingly beautiful with the surfaces at first glance, and particle impacts skimming in the environment. The 3D configuration isn’t only there to look great or used for design purpose, as it is likewise a vital part of the game. You get the opportunity to control 3D objects with a 2D touch interface because of the profundity the game builds up.

You can move these prisms around and when something flashes white, it means that there’s a puzzle on that plane that needs to be solved. To start off with the puzzle is really simple, sliding a blue blob into a blue circle. as you solve the puzzle, the layers of the prism peels off until a glowing shape is appeared at the center click it and you are done with the level.


Rather than fancy confound boxes, you’re given dim items that you turn in three dimensions. Along the surface of the articles, you’ll discover catches and switches, things that you can tap and push and draw in different approaches to get things going.


Difficulty Level

While a significant part of the game is comprised of basic, clear and easy puzzles, there are some extremely clever and tricky ones. One includes turning a solid shape to coordinate up spots on each of its sides with circles gliding around it. Others have sliders that are separated and should correspond with their different parts using distinctive mechanics. Normally, the game gets more intricate as you advance offering you some really brain teasing puzzles, yet the objective for player remains same throughout, that is, to open up the object to locate its shiny, bright center (which in turn opens more puzzles to unravel).



Prism comes with 4 parts and 13 levels that last for about an hour of gameplay. Every level is a push and draw of artistic outline, mythology, and natural touch exploration.

  • Chapter 1: Triangle Gameplay
  • Chapter 2: Square Gameplay
  • Chapter 3: Pentagon Gameplay
  • Chapter 4: Circle Gameplay Walkthrough The End.

Graphics & Sound Effects

Charismatic visuals and Stunning graphics are what make the game a pleasing experience. Prism is designed using flawless graphics. The beautiful combination of background music and stunning science fiction visuals is the thing that truly makes the experience, an experience to remember.


Rather than simply unraveling dynamic puzzles, it feels like you’re playing with some sort of alien innovation, figuring out how it acts as you advance. Simply the act of wandering aimlessly and moving an interesting 3D shape with your fingers feels pretty good.


The game comes with pleasing and soothing background soundtrack. For the best experience, the users are advised to play the game with both sound effects and music on.

Other Special Features

  • In-Game Camera:

The game offers a cool feature that is, the in-game camera. You can snap photos of the game and save them to your device or share them to Twitter or Facebook.

  • Little Instructions:

Prism’s one of the best features is that it comes with very little instructions and users are left to figure out their journey. It keeps the user playing and exploring on their own. The game doesn’t let you know what to do; it just gives you the question, yet making sense of how things function is typically entirely simple.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, for $2.99, the game is worth spending your money on. We’ve been bearing touch screen gadgets in our pockets throughout recent years; however, there still aren’t a ton of games that truly get the material delight of controlling virtual items with your fingertips ! Prism is a game that is totally about that imagination, that feeling.  You can’t simply put your cell phone down, once you start this game. However, the developers have to focus on a few aspects. Like the majority, users have complained of the controls being designed particularly for I pads rather than I phones, which makes it difficult for an IOS user to rotate stuff at times.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 1.1
Version iOS 6 or later
Size 381.97 MB
Developer Clint Siu
Genre Puzzle

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