Prune is a unique, de-stressing, and beautiful puzzle sort of game. It is an awe-inspiring creation of digital poetry. Prune is not just a random game you play every day, it’s a game about the beauty and joy of cultivation, the author itself calls it “A Love-letter To Trees”. Released in July, 2015 the game become the top app within no time due to its innovative infrastructure and game-play and finally made its way to the Apple, I-pad Game of the Year!



Let us discuss some of the alluring features of the game.


The game itself does not has any character.

Prune iOS Gameplay

The main word you’ll find in the game is its title. Everything else is either appeared or basically learned by having a go at something and seeing what happens. The game begins by demonstrating to you a little by showing hand motion to you to swipe in an upward direction from the spot of soil close to the base of the screen. Your tree will then start to grow. At that point, the game will demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to prune the branches. Whenever you prune a branch, it causes different branches to develop. What’s more, this is the fundamental thought of the game. You trim parts of the tree off to get different parts of the tree to go where you need.


Where you need the tree to go is as a rule toward daylight, so the blossoms can sprout. Be that as it may, there will be obstacles in the way. At the point when enough blossoms have sprouted, the diversion will permit you to proceed to the following level, and the petals will blow in the wind.

While a tree is growing, it might grow in numerous direction, many of which won’t be in the direction to the sun. The wind may blow and will even push your tree limbs to develop toward its. You will probably get the tree to develop from a seedling into a completely blooming tree. So as to bloom, the tree should be in direct daylight. In any case, shade and deterrents are all over the place, so you should take mind that your tree’s limbs maintain a strategic distance from these as it develops, else it might never achieve the light. When you prune off these pointless branches, it exchanges the developing vitality that was in that branch into different branches. This implies by pruning some branches, you can cajole your tree to develop in your sought course. It takes some technique to choose when and where to prune the tree limbs.


Difficulty Level

Difficulty level arises as the game move on.  The goal of the player is to grow their tree towards the sunlight, however there are obstacles waiting.  But the good thing or perhaps one of the best thing about the game is that it offers a ‘Skip’ button if it sees you struggling with a level.


Due to this feature there isn’t any reason for cheating or quitting. If you are struggling you can simply leave that part or in other case you can continue that level when you complete the rest, it’s as simple as that!


Prune offers various chapters with about 12 levels each.

  • Chapter 1 features The Black Orbs that crushes the tree’s branches.
  • Chapter 2 introduces The Red Orbs will make the tree infectious, shriveling pieces away as the infection spreads.
  • Chapter 3 introduces the Magnetic Orbs ( they look like small moving magnets) that attract the tree towards them.
  • Chapter 4 introduces the Dripping Red Liquid that harms the tree the same way as the red orbs.
  • Chapter 5 introduces The Circle Saws that can chop your tree if your tree touches them!

As the game play proceeds with it turns out to be clear the world is a hard place for a tree. The dark dividers and dark circles will pulverize its branches and the red spheres will bring about the tree to wind up tainted, shriveling pieces away as the contamination spreads. Be that as it may, this dull world is loaded with trust. As you prune superfluous branches and your tree develops into the sunlight, blossoms sprout. Your tree has other help too, for instance: blue spheres help your tree become quicker and increase blue blossoms. At the point when a number of blossoms sprouted match a number of stars in the sky, your tree will shine a triumphant white and you’re allowed to continue to the following level.

Obviously, numerous levels have extra insider facts in the event that you can prune your tree sufficiently tall.

Graphics & Sound Effects

Stunning and beautiful visuals are the basis of the game. The game offers a simple yet alluring style with vibrant and rich colors reflecting the depth and complexity of sunlight. Not only that its animations are also fluid and smooth.


The game has amazing, mystic and soothing background music which brings a calming sensation and is a true joy to hear.

Other Special Features

  • Responsible Customer Support:

Prune offers a refreshing customer support. The developer is always ready to sort out users’ issue which is genuinely the best thing a player requires from the game, having their issues resolved.

  • Easy Control:

The controls featured in Prune are instinctively intended for touch screens and sufficiently simple for anybody to get. At the beginning stage, simply swipe your finger up from the beginning let a tree develop.

  • Interesting Secrets Hidden Behind Every Level:

There is a story hidden behind everything, waiting to be revealed, that you’ll have to unveil as you advance.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, Prune is the game you won’t regret spending your bucks on. With gorgeous architecture and design, delightful and soothing background music, and intuitive controls, Prune will surely de-stress you after a long day!


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 1.1.3
Version iOS 6 or later
Size 114.66 MB
Developer Joel McDonald
Genre Action

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