Severed is an adventure game that has a uniquely interesting story linked to it. It is one of the rare examples where the game developers have thought outside the box and have come up with a game that is innovative and new. The game is similar to the Zelda game. The game is created by the famous DRINKBOX STUDIOS INC, that is known for their great game mechanics and mesmerizing dynamics.

This game is about a young girl, Sasha who is disabled and is on a mission to rescue her family from monsters. The game keeps the players tuned in because of the eventful combat and fights with unexpected challenges and hurdles. The game is aggressive and is ideal for those people who enjoy the action packed games. This is a complete pack for them as they will be able to play whenever they want, at their workplace, waiting in a queue etcetera.



This game has incredible features that make it stand out. It has received a lot of praise and popularity, especially amid the young generation. The experience of playing this game is absolutely memorable and enjoyable. The game is filled with offensive and defensive combats and fights with different techniques to make the rescue successful. The fine graphics and HD screen resolution will make your jaw drop. So download, play and fight off your boredom!


When you start playing this game, you are given the control of the main character, Sasha.The vibrant and energetic nature of Sasha exactly fits into the adventurous genre of the game. Sasha is not afraid in the face of adversities and challenges. She is eager and motivated to continue his rescue mission because she yearns to get his family back. She goes on and off in battles with dangerous and scary looking monsters, and comes out jubilant on the other side. For her bravery and daring traits he gets rewarded with new abilities to take the adventure and thrill of the game to a whole new level. This character is extremely relevant in the 21st century. It breaks the stereotype of mainstream male superheroes. It opens up the possibility of a woman or a girl who is bold enough to save her family. It also shows that having a disability is actually having a special power in disguise. It does not hold oneself back, but it gives you a push to perform well and excel in the face of all odds.



Severed is unique in its own way. Unlike most other adventurous games, Severed does not have any numbered, discrete, and well defined levels that the player has to pass to continue the game. However, the developers have been quite successful in creating the game in a way that keeps the players fully aware of their progress, skill and control over the game. They keep on learning new ways to ace the game and master its tricks. The players engage in battles with disturbing monsters and are virtually living a nightmare fantasy. The players know that they are getting better at the game when they are able to take down their enemies and hurdles along the rescue mission and they win new equipment, talent and strengths. It becomes easier to face the difficulties that lie ahead and keeps them motivated and pumped up to play the game. Like I said, it is not a conventional way to keep track of the players’ performance, but a new and brilliant idea can’t hurt, right?

Difficulty Level

Severed has multiple difficulty modes. The level of difficulty is determined by the type of monster or enemy Sasha has to face. The game involves battles, fights and combats. Hence it may get violent, aggressive and scary at times. The players are accommodated by having the liberty to switch between easy, medium and hard levels of difficulty, so that they can face the most evil and tyrant rivals only when they are fully prepared and have gotten the hang of the game. This feature is suited for the users’ convenience and is a clever idea on the developers’ part.


Severed iOS Game Play

This game is not simply point, touch and tap adventure game like many others. Instead, it offers swipe based controls and with which you will be able to control how Sasha move, fights, hides and gets kid of her enemies. Sasha’s fate lies in your hand and you get to decide if she is going to be on an offensive foot or a defensive one. The game also shows that she has been wielding a living sword and has an unraveling determination to find her family and free them from the kidnappers. The game plan of Severed keeps the players alert and awake and they can tactfully run their fingers on the touch screens of their tablets and phones in a certain way to be successful. It is only a matter of time when the players master these tricks and relish this eventful ride.

Graphics and Sound Effects

The graphics of the game are spectacular and awe inspiring. The artwork and design of the set are commendable. The aesthetic is fantastic which enhances the game experience and makes it interesting. The outlook of the monsters and enemies is innovative and new. It is refreshing to play it on screen and is no less than an actual videogame. Once you download the game and start playing it, you will be solving puzzles and wandering around in the colorful set, in no time.

The sound effects are loud and appropriate for the genre of the game. They are in accordance to the situation in the game and match the combat Sasha is going through. There are also pleasant tunes when the player is successful and gets rewarded, overcomes a hurdle or defeats an enemy and a rivalry monster.

The game has a default music which is the original soundtrack from Juno and Polaris-nominated band, Yamantaka.

Other Special Features

There are numerous other extraordinary features that make the game experience similar to an exhilarating roller coaster ride with frequent ups and downs.

  • KEEPS YOU EXPLORING: Severed is filled with puzzles. The game is designed in a way that you keep on discovering new tricks and shortcuts. There are many branching routes to avoid hazards but you have to trust your instincts and wits before you take them, as they may be traps to fool you.
  • THE NAME SAYS IT ALL! IT IS SEVERING:Some people may find it disturbing, but the players and fans love it. When you defeat your enemy, you get a chance to severing their body parts. You can wear them and get new powers. You can also consume them to upgrade your equipment or powers.
  • PLAY, RECORD, REPLAY, REPEAT! Now the game comes with Replay kit. You can save your game by recording it and replay it to your friends and acquaintances whenever you like.
  • 3 DIMENTIONAL TOUCH SUPPORT:With the latest update the game now has a 3D touch support added. This allows you to have a look at the map of the location while you are playing.

Bottom Line

The final verdict is that it is just the perfect game for those people that enjoy playing action packed and thriller games. It allows them to be a part of the game and the players are content at the end of the day, because they are the ones turning destiny of Sasha, one way or the other, with their very own hands. They get to relive their childhood fantasies and face enemies and become the superhero with supernatural powers that they always wanted to be. It allows one to channelize their negative energy and acts as a stress releaser at the end of a long, tiring and exhaustive day. Even adults need some kind of action in their lives and this is just spot on for that. Usually in our daily lives we may not have time for an action sport, so this may be an appropriate substitute for that. Its price is also pretty reasonable and can be afforded by an average person. It does not take up a lot of space on storage of your phone or tablet and since it is recently updates, all the bugs have been fixed.

However, every story has two side to it. This game is rate for children above the age of 12, due to the violence and aggression in the game. The severing of body parts is also seen as barbaric and savage by many people. Even though it cannot be installed by children younger than 12, they might play it on their parent’s phone or tablet. It can have a negative impact on heir your minds.

At the end, I would rate it a 3 out of 5 because we are already living in a world that is prone to wars, quarrels and battles. An aggressive attitude and mindset should be discouraged. This game is best for those who do not extrapolate real life scenarios from it.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 1.0.18
Version iOS 8 or later
Size 229.80 MB
Developer DrinkBox Studios
Genre Action , Adventure

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