Life’s easy, but trivia is hard especially if you are playing Sporcle. Unless you did not know, Sporcle is considered the world’s favorite trivia website. It quizzes you about different topics but with a twist. Instead of asking one specific query, it will ask you complex questions, like “Name all the colors in a rainbow alphabetically.” Yeah, it’s a little tough on your brain but it’s worth it. The Sporcle app for iPhone and iPad works in a similar fashion.


The first thing you will notice about the Sporcle trivia app is that not a lot has changed. The user interface is pretty much the same as you will find it on their website. However, once you start playing it, you get to know how challenging it can become.

Sporcle iphone

Just like the website, the trivia tester offers hundreds of quizzes in 15 categories including Science, Geography, Sports, and History. Pick one that you like and you will be questioned about it where you have to answer before the time runs out.

This is where it may get a little troublesome. Why? When you play trivia on the web, you have a full keyboard at your disposal. When you do the same on iPhone, you get a touchscreen keyboard where you would be at best typing with your two thumbs.

This means you cannot type out all the names of Premier League clubs. Yeah, it gets really difficult to type “Manchester United.” And, it doesn’t get better on the longer quizzes.

But! This type of complexity gives me the drive to become a better player. I always try to beat the clock. If it gets grueling, you can utilize one of the “helpers”. The app has three types of lifelines: Fat Finger Fix, Show First Letters, and Show Answer Length. Interestingly, you need to spend some tokens if you’re using one. To get tokens, you need to dish out a few dollars. More on this, later!

Sporcle iOS Review

By the way, Sporcle is an excellent game for offline playing. You only to download your favorite categories and the app will keep you entertain during your daily commute.

In-App Purchases

I mentioned about the helpers earlier in this review. Well, to use these supplementary aids, you need to have tokens. You can purchase these in five different packages:

  • 50 Tokens $0.99
  • 300 Tokens $4.99
  • 600 Tokens $9.99
  • 1500 Tokens $19.99
  • 5000 Tokens $59.99

Graphics & Sound

When you are playing trivia, you do not need any distractions. Sporcle is just perfect in this area. There are no fancy sounds or graphical elements. It’s simple and practical.

App's Popularity

Sporcle for iPhone and iPad is still going strong even though it was first released in February 2010. While newer games might have nibbled on its popularity with their fancy, new-age looks, Sporcle remains to be simply delightful. The development team behind it remains to be committed with the app. There are a few major updates every year.

Bottom Line

Sporcle might not be a cup of freshly brewed latte, but for $2.99 it’s equally stimulating. It kills boredom and makes you learn things. It’s like a friend who never complains and wants you to be better. Come on! You know you need it.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 5.5
Version Requires iOS 8.0 or later
Size 16.3 MB
Developer Sporcle, Inc
Genre Quiz , Trivia

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