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Super Mario Run game, is marking the debut of the Mario Series for iOS compatible devices by Nintendo. If you are familiar with Nintendo’s Mario, then you will certainly revive lots of memories from the past, as they come back to life only this time it will be on your smartphone device. A runner game it is, comprises of different levels, and you have to find your way hopping over obstacles and enemies in your path to complete the level. There were doubts over Nintendo’s claim of coming up with a Mario game for the Smartphone, but they made it work perfectly on the mobile.lit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.


Super Mario Run, is an amazing runner game with a brilliant screenplay for the users. The features that make Super Mario Run, such a hit are what we are going to have a close look at below.


As you all know Super Mario Run, has one major character and the name has been named on the red-capped, mustached little man, we all know by the name Mario, who along a number of companions will take on the journey around the Mushroom Kingdom fantasy world. Although the game begins initially with Mario, however, you can unlock your way by reaching higher levels, or collecting toads and coins, etc.


Unlock: To unlock Luigi, you will be required to build Luigi’s house in the Kingdom Builder mode (which we will discuss in the later part of our blog. As well as collect 150 Green and Purple Toads.
Ability: Luigi has a unique ability and that is, he can jump double the size of Mario.



Unlock: To unlock Yoshi, you will have to build the Yoshi’s House in Kingdom Builder. Also, you are required to collect 30 Red and Yellow Toads.
Ability: The ability that Yoshi has is, it can jump Horizontally Double the size of Mario’s.



Unlock: To unlock Toad you need to link a Nintendo Account in the Kingdom Builder. Sign up at the Nintendo Web, then click My Nintendo Button, at the top right corner in Kingdom Builder.
Ability: Toad’s ability is that he can run faster.



Unlock: To unlock the Toadette, build Toadette’s House in the Kingdom Builder. Also collect 200 Red, 200 Blue, 200 Green, 200 Purple and 200 Yellow Toads.
Ability: The ability of Toadette is it can win more toads in the Rally Mode for you.



Unlock:  To unlock Peach, you need to rescue her from Bower’s Castle, which you can when you have completed all 24 Levels in the World Tour mode.
Ability: The ability of Peace is, that she can float while jumping which makes her nearly fly.


Super Mario Run iOS Gameplay

Coming to the gameplay, it is similar to the one you might be familiar with if you have experienced the Nintendo’s famous Mario game series. The moment you lay your eyes on the Super Mario Run, you will feel yourself right at home. Run, is a convenient game, with the 2D level design living up to the series’ rock solid reputation. It seems to be the same Mario game right from the beginning till the very end of Mario’s adventure, this time the change is that it will be in your smartphone.

Mario will begin his run, and you just have to time the jump. Timing is necessary that you will understand when you will be experiencing the game. However, on each level, the ultimate goal of Mario and yours is to collect as many coins as you. It gets difficult since the difficulty level rises as you move up from one level to another and more skill is required in the process of collecting the coins. The game and levels are easy and not that hard to finish, to be honest, the game can be finished in no more than 2 hours (if the objective is to just the finish line).  These coins go to your bank, and if you have a lot of coins, you can spend them to build the houses, flowers, and other things that might make your kingdom look really royal. Earn toads, collect coins, unlock the characters waiting for you to unleash in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Game Modes:

There are three gaming modes that you can choose to play in the Super Mario Run. They are enlisted below:

  • World Tour
  • Toad Rally
  • Kingdom Builder

World Tour:

In the world tour, there are 6 worlds with four stages. Mario runs across every level to rescue the Princess Peach from Bowser again. The path, isn’t that terrifying or trouble making, neither lengthy in my estimation you will be finished with the tour within an hour and rescue Princess again. If you Replay, the stage is filled with several special colored coins to unlock other characters, things, or stages, just to bring the user back to the levels they completed and grab whatever is left to be grasped.

Toad Rally:

Toad Rally is the core of Super Mario Run, as whatever is in this game is built to support the Toad Rally. It is a competitive endless runner game, about Mario collecting Toads and then building things. Show off Mario’s styles and moves, in the single stage rallies with other gamers or even your friends. It is simply the challenge mode where the competition will be different than the previous time. Rally Tickets will be needed to play Toad Rally.


Kingdom Builder:

In Kingdom Builder, all the coins and toads that you have collected so far here can be spent on the houses, the flowers, or even for unlocking the characters. Create your own personal kingdom with unique styling and decorations. There are probably more than a 100 kinds of items present in the Kingdom Builder to be used. What are you waiting for?



In all, there are 24 stages in the World Tour mode, and each level is built considering the traditional 2D level designs of the Mario games. The design they are structured upon is simple, all you got to do is hop over the obstacles and the enemies and find your way (collecting the coins) through to the finish line. Each level asks of that, and that you will be acquainted with when you have bought the game as only 3 stages are for free.

Difficulty Level:

Super Mario Run, is neither that difficult or unplayable nor it is designed to be a longer game with many levels. Nintendo’s aim behind the game was to revive the Mario from the dead and fit it to the size of a Smartphone screen, and that is what they have successfully achieved.

Graphics and Sound Effects:

Mario’s mobile debut is as same as the other 2D Marios, in fact, it was designed to be 2D by Nintendo on purpose. However, the flat backgrounds and such simple effects turn to appear much lifeless, when being compared with other mobile runners.

The animation in the Super Mario Run are extremely terrific and amazing, I have never seen Mario moving with such energy and agility in a 2D Mario world. As far as the graphics and game display is concerned there aren’t any eye-catching differences for you to look for. It is exactly the same Mario, you are playing only this time on your Smartphone.

Other Special Features:

The key features that you will find in the Nintendo’s Mario series debut are that you will be feeling addicted to the runner game. The Toad Rally feat, allows you to compete globally as well as among friends and see who gets to the finish line, or who pockets more collectibles than the other? It is an attempt to span the life of the game and interact with players.

Another major win, is no micro transactions involved or needed if you want to buy something for your kingdom, use the toads or the coins that you have been busy collecting so far. Kingdom Builder is also a good feat, seen never before, use the coins and get your Kingdom a better house or other decoration items that will increase the beauty of it.

Bottom Line:

It is an addicting game, with plenty of replayability (which offers you a lot of special collectibles for you). Well, there are many things that could have been turned out to be a bit better, but it’s just the initial release to the famous Nintendo Mario. Only the iOS version is out now, and Android will be released earlier in 2017. The game seems to me to be perfectly 2D level structured design similar to the one we all are acquainted with.

I still think $9.99, is bit overpriced, but the gameplay and Toad Rally is the standout feat of Super Mario Run. Controls are very simple and easy, just tap the screen to make Mario jump or do skills or show off his tricks. Tap your way to the finish line, collect yourself the coins and toads, win races, build the kingdom. That is all that it’s about.  I will rate it 7 on 10.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 3.0.10
Version iOS 8 or later
Size 216.77 MB
Developer Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Genre Adventure , Arcade

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