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Stickman Golf 3 is a very handful game for iOS devices and also the other thing is that they are worthy of earning the title of being classics, due to their unique ability to provide you hours of fun with an easy yet interesting gameplay and leave you with something to reminisce about later, you know games like PAC-MAN. Well, Stickman Golf for iOS and Android is one such game that I would deem as a classic. Initially launched a few years ago I remember playing Stickman Golf and loving it. A free game with no frills and with plenty of thrills offered a simple gameplay a 2D version of golf with some fun obstacles and challenges thrown in to keep things interesting and a lot of fun. Noodlecake Studios launched the third version of the popular game and made things even more interesting with new additions.

The award winning freemium the game has over the years earned quite a large fan following and I can see the reason why, in a vast ocean of free games Noodlecake delivers a polished, engaging game worthy of awards that you can fully enjoy without the need to spend money.



I might be a little late on the fun, but I am glad I rediscovered this one again after a few year’s hiatus. I played Stickman Golf 2 and was a fan and I downloaded this version with genuine curiosity to see if they really needed a new version. The gameplay is pretty much the same as the last two versions you have to maneuver a golf ball through the different, sometimes gravity defying obstacles and get your ball to the hole with as few strokes as possible and under par score. The latest version, Stickman Golf 3 introduces a few new features, let us check them out


The are 20 different golf courses, so it is fair to say that this is a short one so does not expect to continue playing forever and ever like PAC-MAN. However, that does not mean that you will not have a ton of fun each playing beautifully designed, engaging levels, so there is plenty of fun to be had in this game. Understandably, the levels start off easy, perfect for those who are new to the game, although this may feel a little slow to those of you who have already played Stickman Golf 2 or the original, but the pace quickly picks up as you proceed to earn new ball types, and hats that unlock cool abilities, which I will talk about later.

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Ball Types and Hats:

These are the fun little addition to Stickman Golf 3, the different ball types and different hats. You earn both new ball types and hats as your level rises. These are not just customization gimmicks, different balls have powers such as the ball that go in the opposite direction and more, also the hats give you certain perks that will help you overcome obstacles.


The ability to add spin is the other new element added to Stickman Golf 3, you can add the spin once the ball has landed. This useful ability once mastered through trial and error practice will allow you to save a few strokes.


Difficulty Level:

As I mentioned previously the game does start slow and then picks up its pace and continuously gets more difficult. I found the difficulty level of the game to be moderate, there are many fun obstacles and challenges – the sandpits, sticky walls and more but nothing of the sort that would be too difficult to beat so I believe people of all ages can play and enjoy this one.

Game Play:

Just like the original the gameplay is simple you are playing as the Stickman in his 2D world of golf, your objective is to get your gold ball to the hole, which could be on the left, right above or below you are avoiding and going past impossible objects. Simple, fun and engaging – The perfect combination for a free game!

Graphics and Sound Effects:

I think Noodlecake has been really upping their game with the graphics of the Stickman Golf franchise. The game looks great if you consider that, it is free to play. The sticky walls look sticky, sand pits look great considering the 2D look. You cannot expect super awesome sound effects from a free game and there is not much to talk about here either.

Bottom Line:

Yes, I am a fan. I think it is a great free game to have on your phone when you have some time to kill while waiting in a line or on a bus. It is simple and engaging puzzles will have you engrossed for a while. I love that Noodlecake Studio does not push players to pay to enjoy this game fully, the choice to spend completely yours but you will have to endure a few ads popping up while you scroll around but nothing too bad. The new additions to the game in the 3rd version are cool and add a new layer of fun to the game that I really enjoyed as someone who has previously been a fan of Stickman Golf 3.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 1.7.14
Version Requires iOS 8.0 or later
Size 187.12 MB
Developer Noodlecake Studios Inc
Genre Golf , Sports

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