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Taps games like the flappy bird and the tiny wings has revolutionized the world of genres and over the course of time, many other tap games have come and go. Taps to Riches is one of those games that is simple in gameplay yet can be highly addictive and will never leave you unmarked with its full of fun features and a different storyline.

The game starts off with the monkey telling you the background plot that you are a newly freed villain who aims to earn big money in a straight way yet the goal is for the world domination.



This fun addictive tap simulation game has some of the most mind-boggling features. Here take a look at these below:


Like many other mobile games, the main character is you; the player of the game whose face is unknown. You are the real boss who will take over the world and become the ultimate tycoon in the game.

Besides you the other main character of the game is your sidekick; the monkey with glasses, who will help you throughout the game and calls you “Boss”. He will introduce to everything that is new to you for the first time and if you turn on the notifications then you will also receive notification from him like “Boss you forget to buy your next business OR your next house”.

The other characters that you will come across are the advisors you can increase your profit in a great way. It is not possible for me to list down all of them as there are more than hundred advisors available in the game but they are categorized into 5 types i.e. 1-star advisors to 5-star advisors.


1 Star Advisors – These can benefit you in small ways and have the gray colored background. They can either save reduce the milestone cost for businesses or increase a single business profit or tap profits of a certain area.

2 Star Advisors – These are green colored advisors. There are many types of 2-star advisors; some can multiply the profit of a certain area while others can increase your chances of the critical tap.

3 Star Advisors – Blue Colored advisors are better than 1 and 2-star advisors can increase the speed of revenue generated by a certain area or can also increase the tap profits.

4 Star and 5-star Advisors – These are the most befitting advisors and can benefit you in a vast variety of manners. The pink colored advisors are 4 stars advisors and the orange ones are 5-star advisors, both of these are hard to acquire.

Taps To Riches iOS Gameplay

The gameplay is simple enough; the player is required to tap to earn money. The money then can be used to purchase various business and houses. You can upgrade each business to increase its business profit. There are achievements tap that can allow you to have free gems by achieving various goals.

The game is excellently designed and allows you to navigate through easily. There is a travel button that allows you to instantly travel between areas and cities. You can equip three advisors at a time to increase your profits but the unequipped advisors will also increase your profit with the passive advisor’s bonus.



As a player you don’t earn levels, similarly, if we talk about game levels this is not a level based game, but it has areas and cities, keep tapping and earning to unlock the complete globe.

Though you can level up your businesses but a fascinating thing is that there isn’t any max limit that you can reach which makes this games nearly never ending and even more fun and addicting.


Difficulty Level

The game has not any specific difficulty level to choose from. In fact, the game is not a difficult one at all; you can get everything done, with the constant tapping and Bizbot upgrades and the wide variety of advisors available. Though it sometimes gets really hard to get 4 or 5-star advisor as you get advisors by spinning.  I have been playing this game for over a month now and haven’t got lucky enough to get a four-star advisor.

Graphics & Sound Effects

The graphics of this tap game is beautiful, I simply love the way the business buildings and houses’ exterior improve when you surpass milestones or purchase businesses. Even the tapping becomes fun with the bouncing off buildings and the shower of currency notes and coins (or gold bars in case you have upgraded your Midas tap). The visuals are exceptionally beautiful and if I have to rate the game solely on its visuals than I will give it a complete 10 rating.

The sound effects are also good but sometimes I prefer playing it with the sound off because I get a headache with the constant tapping sound of coins. Though, if you don’t share my headache problem then you may love the sound effects too.


Other Special Features

The game has so many features that words fall short. Besides everything that I have mentioned already, taps to riches offer the following extra features:

1.      Invite Friends

Taps to Riches allows players to connect to their Facebook account to invite friends. When your friends accept your invitation you get a free advisor spin. Though, with each spin earned the number of accepted invitations to play the game increases.

2.      Open Crates

They developers of this game surely know how to keep their players faithful as they offer daily crates to open, on every fifth day they offer a golden crate that contains the best prizes.

3.      Complete Daily Quests

On each day, you will get three random quests. On completion, you will get to open another brown crate.

4.      Request Keys

The crate can also be opened up by your earned keys, these keys can be earned via tapping your house or by requesting your friends. Each time a friend accepts your request you achieve 5 keys.

5.      Spend Gems

By tapping the house gems can be earned as well as by completing the achievements. These gems can be spent on milestones, houses, to refresh daily quest, spin for advisors, upgrading Midas tap and much more.

6.     Shop

There is a shop too, from there you can purchase gems with real money which also make you a VIP that offers you, even more, benefits in the game. In the shop you can also purchase, random advisors that open each day, Midas tap upgrades, earth multipliers etc.

7.      Golden Tickets

Later on, the game, after you buy your first house in space you will unlock the gold empire tap and will then also earn golden tickets by tapping. These tickets will allow you to increase profits of a certain business even more and make it golden or platinum for maximum profit.


Bottom Line

I will highly recommend this game if you want to play something light that can keep your mind off but be aware as this game is highly addictive and once played it will be hard to stop playing it. This game deserves more exposure and a rating not less than 9.5. I just wish we could also exchange gems with our friends.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 2.28
Version iOS 8 or later
Size 279.52 MB
Developer Game Circus LLC
Genre Never Ending , Strategy

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