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Tap games are becoming popular since the invention of touch screen gadgets. And apparently people have been enjoying them and playing them religiously after since. Of course it can all be credited to the addictiveness of such games. Tiny Wings is also of that sort, but I must tell you that it was given the best game of the year award back in 2011, so you shouldn’t take it lightly.


It has plenty of interesting features and if you wish to know about them then please follow this review.


The characters in this these colorful and tiny birds who have minuscule wings because of which they have a hard time to fly and hence you must help them in reaching their target.

Tiny-Wings-iOS Game-review

Tiny Wings iOS Gameplay

The gameplay is pretty easy, simplistic and straightforward. Although it might get challenging for some people or if the goals get harder to achieve. In this game the player gets hold of a bird whose wings are miniature. The player guides the bird around to its goal. The player needs to make the bird fly as fast as it can by using the hills as a means to gain speed. Any hardcore handling system is not needed for this, as it is a minimalistic tap game so the player just needs to tap and hold and time his taps in order to make the bird fly. The player is given some tasks and special missions that he/she has to complete. In these challenges the player has to accomplish the feats in a given amount of time across certain islands. If the player is successful in completing his/her missions then he/she will get a nest upgrade.


There are two modes to the game. The single player mode where as you all know you aren’t competing with anyone but yourself. The other is the multi-player mode, where the players can compete against three other birds controlled solely by artificial intelligence.

Difficulty Level

The difficulty level is high in this game. Although it may seem simple to play but it can be very tricky and problematic to play at times. The main difficulty comes in deciding when to glide and when to tuck based on the hilly terrain that you are crossing. The game allows you to have a slingshot mechanic if you tuck and glide at about the right time between those terrains.


The levels in this game are referred to as the islands and you need to cross each island in order to reach to the next. In the earlier version there were reports of a tenth island in existence but due to some glitch or bug users could not make past level nine. But in the recent upgrades, the glitches have been fixed but so far no one has been able to make it to the eleventh island. Moreover, there are thirty more achievements added to the current version of the game.


Graphics and Sound Effects

The graphics are very neat and aesthetically made. The overall feel of the sceneries laid out throughout the game has a touch of paper and color pencils to it. This makes the design appealing, aesthetic, simple and very clear. The color palette of each island is unique and vivid and different from every other item.

There is also a gauge in the far corner of the screen showing which part of the day it is. If it shows a full sun then it naturally means that it is daytime. If it shows a full moon, it means that the night has descended upon you.

What I loved most about its sounds and music is that it has an exclusive soundtrack which Andreas Illiger has put up on the website for people to download it for free. Here’s the link to the song if you want to download it ( Note: All of the copyrights to the soundtrack belongs to the developer Andreas Illiger and we hold no ownership of it neither do we intend to use it in any other material later produced by us). Apart from the appealing soundtrack, the game also has little chirping sound effects for both happy and sad times.

The recent update of the game has added iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus resolution support.


Other Special Features

There are two game modes now, the ‘Day Trip’ and the ‘Flight School’. There are all new fifteen hand designed levels in the ‘Flight School’ mode. You can either select mama bird or you can play with any one of her four children. There is also an iCloud support with it and you can even sync your game between the iPad and the iPhone versions. It has also been optimized for iPhone 5.

The new version has all the bugs fixed plus there are whole new five more levels of the Tuna Island. They have made this version to be an HD.

Also if you are having a slight difficulty with the mechanics of the controls of the game then there is a built in ‘Touch Teacher’ which can guide you with the controls and help you master it.

Bottom Line

Tiny Wings was the number one gaming app back in 2011. It is aesthetically designed. The high definition version makes it even more addictive and pleasing to the eyes. Although it is mainly the touch and tap type of an arcade game but it is completely different from the other touch and tap games. The physics involved is simple yet highly effective. Plus the multiplayer mode makes it all the more fun to play. So I would definitely recommend you guys to give it a shot.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 2.3
Version iOS 8 or later
Size 27.83 MB
Developer Andreas Illiger
Genre Arcade

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