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People who are familiar with the famous game Monument Valley would also be familiar with its developers. Why am I mentioning this? Because The same Monument Valley developers bring you another outstanding puzzler game. Trick Shot. And when it is coming from such a pro and already renowned party in the gaming world, the expectations tend to get high automatically. And I was too excited to play this game as I am a fan of puzzle games.

Jonathan Topf made his debut with Monument Valley and now he has come again to the gaming world with another purely unique and distinctive puzzle game. It is all new and it has won loads and loads of awards and recognition recently. And it rightly deserves them.



This minimalistic game has some mesmerizing features listed below.


There are no particular characters in this puzzle game. You just have a ball which you have to guide around into the box through various techniques. It’s a simple puzzle game with minimalistically applied physics.

Difficulty Level

I don’t think so that these developers like harrowing their users and players with agonizingly difficult levels and gameplay. So yeah! Like their previous game, Trick Shot is also user friendly, very minimalistic, and extremely easy to play.

Although this puzzle game is based upon physics but it doesn’t follow the rules of physics too diligently so that the game is not harder or impossible to play. And that’s the beauty of it. And that’s why it has gained such awesome reviews from both the public and gaming pro companies.

It’s elementary, facile, straightforward and a simple puzzle and logic game to play. And that’s what makes it stand out amongst the crowd of it fellow competitor games.



Well, I know that in their previous game the number and amount of levels was very scarce but I think they have kept their users wishes in mind while developing a whole bunch of 90 levels.


But don’t be fooled! Although the game is pretty easy to play. As you progress to new levels, new obstacles and objects are added to the game to, furthermore, increase the difficulty level of the game.

With the difficulty rising in each level and the amount of hurdles increasing between your ball and the goal as you move further on, however, if you fail a level once, there’s no limit to the amount of attempts taken.

I should also tell you that your progress to the new levels can only be made chronologically and through no other way around. And once you complete your current level a remark from ‘OK’ to ‘Perfect’ will also appear showing you how well you have performed. And if by any chance you earned an OK in any given level and you want to redeem yourself and earn that Perfect then fear not, you can always go back replay until you achieve your desired results.

Graphics and Sound Effects

Well what else can be expected from Ustow. Another genius in the graphics of the game. This game, no matter how much simplistic has some breathtaking graphics. The game’s graphics do not include much depth or complexity and that just works really well the whole theme of it. The animations are slick and uncomplicated. You will absolutely love it.

With a bit of depth, the game pops up on the retina display marvelously well. And it is a treat for the eyes. The developers have also did their best to keep the textures of the things displayed in the game as realistically as possible.

There are no particular soundtracks for the game but it includes a variety of fanciful, whimsical and capricious sound effects.

Trick Shot Special Features

There are no special features as prescribed by the developers. But to me its graphics and the simplicity of the game and the fact that it is user friendly compensates for all the other things that you might want in this game.

While the game is new so maybe the developers in coming weeks would add some more levels and features in the game. Until then, enjoy and play those gripping 90 levels of this minimalistic puzzle game.

Bottom Line

It’s a treat for the puzzle lovers. It’s easy, simple and minimalistic. Ball change every time you use it. There are no penalties and an endless amount of retries. The mechanics are not very difficult to understand or deal with either. So there is no stress of failing the level and starting the game all over again. The graphics are wondrous and sharp and clear with little bit of depth. It’s utilitarian and a joy to play in your free time or whenever you want to relax your mind.

All in all I would totally recommend my fellow users to buy and try this app. Believe me it is worth the money.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 1.5.1
Version iOS 7.0 or later
Size 100.85 MB
Developer Jonathan Topf
Genre Puzzle

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