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True skate as clear by the name, the game is designed to provide the users a genuine skating experience. It is truly one of the best games of skating in the app store until now. The best thing about the game is that it is limited to one skateboard which allows the players to practice lots of tricks. There are a variety of skate parks in the game each designed to offer slightly different challenges. With True Skate installed in your IOS, you won’t ever be bored!

True Skate-iOS-Game-review


Let us discuss some of the interesting features of the game.


The game itself does not have any characters or animations. Just a skateboard, a skate park and one of your finger acting as your foot on the skateboard, that’s it!

True Skate-iOS-Game-review


The game starts with few missions to be accomplished that include,

  • Push With Your Feet
  • Touch To Steer
  • Ollie – Do 5 Ollies To Level It Out.
  • Pop Shove-It (5 Times)
  • Kick Flip (5 Times)

After completing these missions the player can access the skate-park and continue with the game.

The game happens in an expansive skate-park brimming with slopes, rails, and different obstructions for you to bounce off, around, over, or into. Your board sits in the focal point of the screen, with the camera tilted so you get a not too bad perspective of what’s in store too.

True Skate-iOS-Game-review

To move you push a finger along the ground along the edge of your deck, mirroring the activity of a foot pushing a board along, all things considered. Guiding includes pushing on one side of the board or the other and weaving your way around the recreation center feels wonderful and natural.

Be that as it may, charm and naturally is for failures – we’re here for the tricks and traps. Tapping down on the tail of your board pulls off an ollie, which is the building square of basically all skateboarding traps. The board snaps into the air, and you can level it out and ensure you arrive securely by squeezing the inverse end of the board once you’re airborne.

At the top there are a couple of buttons present which are:

Refresh Button that is going to refresh the map and let you restart from a different location on the map.

Then we have a Camera Button there that changes the perspective.

Then there is a Rewind Button in case you have messed up a trick and you want to redo it, so we have a Redo Button for it. You can just go ahead and do it again, as simple as that!

Difficulty Level

Difficulty level rises as the game levels up. The game offers plenty of skate parks all of which designed to provide users different challenges but all are themed around the same central challenge which is to distract you from some way down deep dread that you feel all the time. It’s difficult to establish the precise route of this dread because it’s so hard to look maintain the level of concentration throughout the game. The app store offers magnificent distractions like true skates for ninety-nine cents or less although you have to pay extra to download additional skate parks and buy cool boards.

True Skate-iOS-Game-review


When you first begin True Skate you have admittance to a solitary stage. For $1.99 that is an incredible take. Extra levels cost .99 and you can abstain from buying wheel hues and new board design by playing the game and winning focuses in light of trap and in addition combo difficulty.

Graphics & Sound Effects

Stunning graphics is what makes the game a standout. True Skate looks phenomenal. Since its exclusive rendering the board and a little skate park, it’s ready to truly bulk up the representation and give a really excellent affair. The frame rate stays luxurious at all times, even as if the user continuously goes flipping the load up around everywhere.

True Skate-review

The game offers some pleasant visual prompts when you swipe or tap anyplace on the screen so you can tell precisely where you are touching. Outwardly, there is truly nothing negative that can be said; it’s only a strong looking I phone diversion inside and out.

The sound impacts make you have an inclination that you are skating. There is no music gave True Skate, so you can truly concentrate on the sound of your board as it reaches the ground. It likewise incorporates the inaccessible sound of movement, which gives everything a pleasant little clue of the urban feel.

Other Special Features

  • Detailed Instructions Sets:

The game provides detailed tutorials and instructions which make it easier for new users to play it.

  • Allows User Challenges:

The fun thing about True Skate is that it allows user challenges.

  • Additional Skate Board Designs and Skate Parks Available:

Cool skateboard designs and various skate parks are available from Apple store each costing 99 cents to make user’s gaming experience more fun and exciting.

True Skate-review

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, for $1.99, the game is an extraordinary esteem. In the event that you need a true finger boarding experience on iOS, you unquestionably need to play True Skate. It’s anything but difficult to get and begin playing, yet acing the propelled strategies requires some practice. However, there is room for improvement in few aspects like various customers report of the game being constantly crashing.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 1.5.0
Version iOS 8 or later
Size 143.67 MB
Developer True Axis
Genre Action

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