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The Walking Dead is a series of an interactional drama video game that has been developed by Telltale Games. The game is based on the comic book series named “The Walking Dead” made up of five episodes. The game has released between April and November 2012. The game mainly depicts the horror series and is falling accurately in that genre. This game will take you to the life of Lee, who has been saving a small girl from the fear of damage from the zombies while running from his past character. The cel-shaded art style mimics the original comic series, but still, maintains its independent plotline that grows every episode.

Not like other horror games, The Walking Dead focuses on story and characters.


Various characters show up all through the amusement. Lee Everett is a local of Macon and a previous college teacher sentenced for slaughtering a state representative who was laying down with his significant other. Lee, in the long run, finds and turns into a father figure to Clementine an eight-year-old whose guardians left for the end of the week, abandoning her with a sitter. Lee and Clementine soon experience a family from Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Kenny, an angler who organizes his family. Katjaa, Kenny’s better half, who fills in as a veterinarian. Furthermore, Kenny and Katjaa’s child, Kenny Jr. was all the more normally known as “Duck.” Furthermore, numerous characters showed up on the screen.


The diversion was isolated into five scenes, discharged in two-month interims. Season one that has title “A New Day” in which at the onset of the zombie end of the world, Lee Everett salvages youthful Clementine, and joins with different survivors in Macon, Georgia to shield themselves from the undead. Season two that has a title ” Starved for help” in which after having secured a motel, Lee spares a young fellow named Ben Paul, and other survivors run low on sustenance, and choose to take an offer made by the St. Johns, a family who claim a close-by dairy cultivate. They come to take in the St. Johns may not be what they appear. The third season that has title “Long Road Ahead” when outlaws and walkers assault the motel, the gathering is compelled to escape without their provisions, prompting strains out and about.

The group finds a working train, set out toward Savannah, where Clementine wants to discover her folks. In season four in particular “Around each corner” in which survivors touch base in Savannah to look for a vessel, just to get got in a contention including a degenerate group and a slippery adversary, whom Clementine has been reaching. Last however not the minimum season five “No time left” Lee and the rest of the survivors traverse the now invaded Savannah with an end goal to save Clementine from The Marsh House.


Difficulty Level

In Walking Dead, the trouble increments step by step while you move starting with one level then onto the next. The trouble level can’t be set by going to settings as it has a predefined difficulty level. Nonetheless, you may read a few audits that they haven’t confronted any inconvenience all through the diversion however perhaps this thing relies on the abilities of the player as well.

Walking Dead iOS Gameplay

The Walking Dead Game is beaten down into three unique gameplay sorts. One is picking discourse choices with enduring impacts all through whatever is left of the arrangement, some of the time on a clock. Another sort is a battle, which involves fighting off zombie assaults with quick fire taps on target territories and fitting swipes. In conclusion, there are astound segments that include discovering things and utilizing them with others to finish certain errands. These are somewhat less baffling than those in old fashioned point-and-snap experience amusements since each protest you can cooperate with has an external symbol over it. The primary time the riddles get truly difficult is the point at which you don’t have lots of time to settle on your choices.

The Walking Dead once in a while blunders in favor of sensational camera edges rather than common sense ones, however all around it’s sufficiently simple to get by. Dragging your finger over the screen will manage where Lee strolls when in a free-development succession, while the all the more quick paced activity scenes include exact, fast taps and swipes. Give it a chance to be realized that going head to head against zombies is similarly as terrifying and time-touchy as the discourse based experiences that will frequently place you in the position of settling on desperate choices. Indeed, even the more unobtrusive conversation can have enduring repercussions all through later scenes.

One especially fascinating thing The Walking Dead Game does is think about the real choices you make against those of different players toward the finish of each section. A portion of the details that they’ve produced about particular choice focuses can be genuinely astonishing.



Telltale has made an incredible showing with regards to of communicating persuading human feeling through the somewhat overstated craftsmanship style and the magnificent voice acting. The soundtrack ranges from hysterical to premonition and sets a great state of mind regardless of which circumstance you end up in. I once in a while experienced UI glitches when directing exchange, where extraordinary choices would be chosen from what I tapped. The framerate on the iPad two would likewise drop amid the odd quick paced area and lip matching up wasn’t exactly on a par with I was trusting it would be, yet sufficiently close to its PC variant.

Other Special Features

The striking element of “The Walking Dead” is that it has been introduced tones and the designer has utilized lighting, film grain impacts and negligible encompassing sounds to make a spooky and repulsiveness air.

Bottom Line

The Walking Dead is somewhat expensive at $4.99 per scene, regardless of the possibility that you get the entire set for $14.99, yet the written work and story are excellent to the point that you might drop the new mixture on such an unusual background. Despite the fact that there is a reasonable piece of replay esteem accessible as you find the different ways and turns the plotline can take, you likely just have a few play-through before the vast majority of the significant choices have been investigated.

In case you’re searching for something to get you into the Hallowe’en soul, make sure to give at any rate the main scene a shot. The Walking Dead is a one of a kind, an exciting background that is rich with the show.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 1.10
Version iOS 6.0 or later
Size 366.73 MB
Developer Telltale Inc
Genre Horror

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