Westworld (Mobile)

Say hello to the mobile version of Westworld, HBO’s sci-fi drama series from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Kilter Films. With blessing of the actual creators, Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, it’s a game where you can actually live the fantasy of running a Westworld-themed park right from the comfort of your hands.

You’ll see details from season 1 of Westworld for now, which is a bit sad, but elements from season 2 will be added gradually to protect audience from spoilers. So we won’t fret over it for now!


Westworld has a bit of a steep learning curve at the very start. However, once you spend an hour or two scratching the surface, things start to make more sense. You will learn to sacrifice some of your hosts to upgrade others and how to pair guests for maximum profit.

Here’s a tip: Don’t use the same host every single time.

A big bonus that makes the game feel a lot similar to the series involves the narrative penned by the series writers themselves. It even includes the well-recognized characters of Delores (Evan Rachel Wood), Maeve (Thandie Newton), and Bernard (Jeffrey Wright).

You’ll start as a newly-hired Delos employee with access to Delos Park Training Simulation. Your job is to build the park from scratch and I don’t think the responsibilities get any bigger than that. You will manufacture robots named “hosts” and then pair them up with humans, aka “guests, who have desires that are mostly criminal in nature.” However, it’s easier said than done. Guests need to stay happy as they will provide necessary components for better hosts. Plus, you will also be asked to build new objects in order to satisfy the needs of your guests. Moreover, your hosts would require regular maintenance or else you’ll incur losses.

With all of the parallel story-lines, there’s a huge chance you’ll be addicted to the game since you have to keep improving the park every day. Just double tap on any room or space above or below the ground to dominate whatever is going on in it.

Since the game is based on a story, different events unravel with the passage of time. Furthermore, some events in the game are time-bound. All in all, Westworld is a pretty slick game for sci-fi lovers.

In-App Purchases

Green gems are the currency of this Westworld realm. You need them for almost every major upgrade and they are very hard to come by. You will rarely get any green gems from satisfying a guest, and know that you can’t really do many exciting things without those precious green rocks. 

The next best way to get things going is buying the gems and having a blast. A few good decisions with a little financial push can both speed things up and take you a long way.

Graphics and Sound Effects

The sound is heavily borrowed from the TV series and that gave me chills the first time I opened the game. The audio when your command is being carried out have never been sweeter, because they mimic the original Westworld surroundings very well. Don’t believe me? Simply listen to the sound during a host’s creation. Pay attention and visualize the moments from the first season’s finale where the milky white solution had a bot in Anthony Hopkins’ secret lair.

Visually, the game’s cartoon based theme is pleasing to the eye and you can easily recognize the main characters in their mobile reincarnation. The real visual fun, in my opinion, is handling the park itself simultaneously with the underground layer. This setup finally helps one put things into perspective.

Bottom Line

If you are already into Westworld, you just have to give this game a shot. Not just because of your desire to control a park of your own or getting to debug the hosts, manage, or creating them in numbers. You need to play the game just because it’s a part of the Westworld universe where you call the shots! There is immense satisfaction in that alone. All the stories, sound effects, and visuals do a great job at keeping your interest levels high for hours at end.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 1.9
Version Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Size 222.03 MB
Developer Warner Bros
Genre Entertainment , Story Game , Strategy

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