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Interview with Nicanor Burcio Vecino an iOS Developer

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Nicanor Burcio Vecino: I put all my efforts into making businesses and companies adopt the new technologies and continue to be competitive. I take every business or company with which I work as if it were mine, I get involved in the projects in a personal way, understanding the different needs of my clients and adapt to the means with which they offer a quality service.
Hello, first of all, I would like to thank you for this opportunity and to praise the work you do for making known the development of indie studies and independent developers.

Fahad: What brought you in this field and how was the beginning of your career?


Nicanor Burcio Vecino: I have always been a video game player and although my professional career did not start in this field, the crisis of 2008 made me make important decisions in my life and, at age 36, I established a small company oriented to provide web services and SEO to small businesses evolving into Inbound Marketing.
When the Swift language came out, I began to study it to see how I could include the mobile application service in my business, more than anything to give the service without relying solely on advice from third parties, although at no time I thought about doing the work directly, and I was simply captivated to the point where I am currently working only for iOS.

Fahad: When you started your career, what was the most difficult phase of your career that taught you and provided you experience?


Nicanor Burcio Vecino: In 2015, I started my first application in Swift, which has not yet finished and I have pending. I am an amateur motorbiker and it is a project-oriented to this world, too ambitious to begin with, but I promise to finish it someday.
The first thing I can highlight from this experience is that I came to the conclusion that to stand out with an app if it is not something totally innovative it is very difficult. Compete with what is already exists and is successful is practically impossible without a lot of resources, so I decided to enter the world of games.
At first glance, gaming competition is overwhelming, but I maintain that it’s easier for someone to download a game, if only to test it, that to download an app, so I started developing Circular Games, a set of skill games that showed me the parallel world that exists when trying to upload an app or game to the app store, today I have it on the hand, but on the first try it seemed more difficult than learning to program Swift.
With Circular Games, the first thing I learned is that a paid game is not downloaded by anyone except friends and family, which does not count. After a modest initial Facebook campaign with which I got about 50,000 impressions. I did not get a single discharge. Later I put it free with integrated advertising and the thing began to improve.

Fahad: Which type of iOS app you like most? Tell me the name of any apps/games you like most?


Nicanor Burcio Vecino: Pulse, an RSS reader. I loved it from the beginning, it was a shame LinkedIn acquired it and did not give continuity. It was the first application with a table containing cells with horizontal scrolling, much like the menu used by content servers apps today like Netflix.
As for the games, I have to say that all have something remarkable and my respect for the work done, but the beginnings of Angry Bird, especially one that included gravity mechanics, managed to steal part of my free time.
Currently, I like Sumiken very much, developed by OPNeon, also a solo indie game developer and now that SEGA is recovering its old games for iOS, the Virtua Tennis also steals part of my free time.

Fahad: How many apps/games have you developed till now and mention your fav app/games that you have developed?


Nicanor Burcio Vecino: The next project I embarked on was Kart Drift with Marcos Suárez, a retro-looking car racing game, which taught me to take in mind the ASO importance, that is, to optimize the presentation texts of the game in the store of applications. The game is working very well, especially in the Asian market. Kart Drift is constantly updated by adding new circuits, improvements in user experience and game performance, to never end up working with it.
During the development of Kart Drift, the mechanics of Dangerous Gold came to my head and I got to work. The development was simple, but it seems that the game is working fine, it’s a casual endless survival that you can dedicate from one minute to being hooked hours trying to surpass your record or that of your friends in the Game Center.
I am currently developing two new projects. The first is inspired by the gameplay of Rick Dangerous and will be called “Viking Platform – Eric and the 4 power stones”, which will be released in mid-November or early December and is the first of the saga. The second project is Baldo de Alien another endless survive in which I am currently studying what can be its best way of monetization.
Ahh!!, And Circular Games are my favorite one.

Fahad: Who is your favorite developer or agency that inspires you most?


Nicanor Burcio Vecino: Any small studio or independent developer that can publish your game project, whether on iOS, Android, PC or console, deserves all my consideration and respect. I know the work and the illusion of every project and the difficulties that there are after publishing it. I take off my hat before any of them.


Fahad: What will you say to the newbie that how can they become an efficient developer and can groom in this filed?


Nicanor Burcio Vecino: My first advice is an illusion, constancy, and determination, easily vulnerable characteristics. The rest is taken for granted, the study of the development of any game covers many areas, game design, graphic design in 2D and 3D, UI, programming, ASO, marketing, etc. Expecting to be expert at everything is impossible, but if it is important to have some knowledge of all these fields and specialize in one.
Recommending tools also is difficult, Unity, Unreal, Game Maker or working natively as I do, are all valid options as long as an illusion, perseverance is not lost.
Studying user retention techniques in games is imperative.

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