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Creator of ‘Sasha Says,’ in Conversation With iOS Appers

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Tremayne Toorie is the founder of Splash House Studios, a small emerging tech startup that creates mobile apps and brought you the popular iOS game ‘Sasha Says’. Here at iOS Appers, we reviewed the game Tremayne created with his partner Adrian McDaniel, and now it’s time to talk to him about his newfound journey.

Let’s get talking.

Anas: Hi Tremayne. For those who don’t know you, please introduce yourself.

Tremayne: What’s up everyone? Tremayne here! First of all, I’m not your typical iOS developer. I enjoy all aspects of fitness, baseball is my favorite sport, and I can’t go a day without listening to music.

Also, I’m the creator of ‘Sasha Says’, as you all must already know by now!

Anas: How did you learn coding, and what pushed you towards iOS development?

Tremayne: I taught myself coding from a few online courses, and I have learned a great deal from my business partner/iOS Developer, Adrian McDaniel. My coding journey has been in action for about 9 months. What really pushed me towards iOS development is the Swift language. I think owning a Macbook, iPhone, and iPad also helped me decide that because I thought it was natural for me to get into iOS development. I am an Apple guy to say the least.

Anas: Which framework do you develop games on, and how much focus do you put on design and User Experience (UX) while developing?

Tremayne: I have only used SpriteKit for game development. And, yes, a great deal of focus was put into the design and user experience. Everyday there was constant testing to make sure gestures were working smoothly, views were showing up, buttons were placed in the correct spot, all the aesthetic aspects of the app were clean, and just daily maintenance of the app was a huge part of the entire process. I believe that the user should get a polished product instead of a hurried one because their time is valuable too.

Anas: Sasha Says is a popular game. What was your thought process behind the game and roughly how much time did you spend on developing it?

Tremayne: I wanted to create a game that would be simple, fun, and easy to pick-up and play. So from there I thought to myself why not turn your everyday phone gestures into this unique experience that had a similar concept to the old school game “Simon Says” from back in the day! A game that would allow the user to chase their high scores by performing tapping, swiping, and shaking gestures! It doesn’t have much learning curve to it but it’s sure to grip your attention from the first try.

Anas: What were the biggest challenges you had to face while developing for iOS?

Tremayne: The biggest challenge I faced was learning and developing for iOS, both at the same time. I had the idea, knew what I wanted, and so combining the two simultaneously was a real challenge because programming is a huge puzzle and sometimes (most of the time, really) the puzzle pieces didn’t necessarily go together like I pictured it inside of my head! So yeah, handling both learning and practically doing it all together was the biggest challenge.

Anas: Is your app also available on Android? And what other projects do you have in the pipeline?

Tremayne: No, Sasha Says is currently only available on iOS devices.

I don’t want to give away too much info about my upcoming projects but I will say that there are some VERY exciting projects coming in the future!

Anas: Fair enough. I guess we’ll just have to wait patiently for your next app! What’s your current favorite app or game on the App Store apart from your creations?

Tremayne: My current favorite app is Spotify for sure because I can’t live without my music! And Spotify is the best app to listen to my music

My favorite game on the app store is Clash of Clans. If you play CoC too, you’d know why!

Anas: Which developer or agency in the industry inspire you the most? Do you have a mentor as well?

Tremayne: Supercell has inspired me greatly. They deliver top of the line mobile games and have an awesome community to complement their games.

Adrian, my business partner as mentioned previously, has mentored me a great deal during my developing career. He is a very intelligent individual and I’ve learned immensely from him.

Anas: What advice would you give to someone who wants to start developing for iOS?

Tremayne: Don’t be scared to dive into developing for iOS. Swift is an amazing programming language that can be learned if you just put in the time and effort! Also, use all your resources. And don’t forget that Google is your friend.

Anas: Can you send us a screenshot of your Homescreen? Our readers would love to know what apps you use the most!


Anas: Tremayne, we appreciate you taking time out for this interview. Before we let you go, who would you like us to interview next on iOS Appers?

Tremayne: Thank you very much for your time guys! I’ll nominate Adrian McDaniel!

We hope you all enjoyed the interview and got to learn something out of Tremayne’s journey into iOS development. If there are any questions you our esteemed readers would like to include in our interview series, let us know in the comments below!

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