Name: Umair Aamir

Status : iOS Developer

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Umair Amir Talks About His Development Journey

Umair Aamir moved to Norway from Pakistan after studying computer engineering from Multan. He proceeded to work in a fast, upscale environment, assuring smart user experience for smartphone users. Passionate about programming, the move to Trondheim was a natural fit. In his free time, he loves to play table tennis and watching cricket.

Let’s get talking with Umair.


Fahad: Hello, Umair. Thank you for being here today. So how did you begin your career?


Umair Aamir: Hi, thank you for having me.

It was really hard for me to get a job after graduation at first. I used to be an average student and I never thought about or prepared myself for a job before graduation. Even though I was pretty much interested in programming but I wasn’t hard working at all or tried to learn a lot to keep updated with the latest industry standards, new technologies, and programming languages.

I paid the price for all that in the form of struggling to get a job or internship. I couldn’t even pass any interview even for unpaid internships for a year or so. But I kept applying for jobs, started learning programming languages and tried to improve my skills. I learnt so many things from interviews and tried to learn from it all. And that led me to pass one interview and I got a 3 months internship in a small company after 1 and half year.

I worked really hard in those 3 months and worked almost 12 to 20 hours per day to learn things.

After 3 months, I was rejected a full-time job in the same company but I asked for one more chance to prove myself. They gave me one more assignment to make a small Cards game, which I made successfully and got the job in that company. After that, I never looked back and kept moving on, working harder and harder and learning things quickly.

In those 3 months, I learnt, how to work hard and how to focus on chasing my dreams.


Fahad: You have developed several Apps. How has the experience been so far?


Umair Aamir :  I have worked on lot of projects including mobile applications as well. I always enjoy working on something new and after completing a project successfully I do celebrate in the form of a payback from me to myself. It keeps me motivated and refreshed.


Fahad: How many apps have you developed till now and which is your favourite app?


Umair Aamir: It’s hard to put a number on the apps I’ve developed because most of the time it’s team work. I would rather say that I’ve worked on around more than 40 different projects in different teams. I rate my apps by the level of effort I put in each instead of success of that app. ViaPlay and Myworkout GO are my favorite ones so far.


Fahad: What do you like about apps the most? Do you have any favourites apart from the ones you create?


Umair Aamir: Interactive UI, cool features, and smooth UX always makes a great app. Slack, VivaVideo and Inbox stand out for me and I always have them in my phone.


Fahad: Who’s your favourite developer or agency that inspire you the most ?


Umair Aamir : There are a lot of developers who were a part of my team on different occasions and I enjoyed working with them. As for developers, Marcin Urbanski, Mohsin Shoaib and Asif Bilal inspire me a lot.


Fahad: What Advice and tips would you like to give to beginner iOS developers?


Umair Aamir : Learn Swift but don’t ignore Objective C. watch WWDC to keep yourself updated and visit to get to know the best practices in iOS development.


Note : You can follow Umair Aamir on LinkedIn: Umair Aamir

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