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Interview With Anushk Mittal Memeois Developer

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Anush Mittal is a 17 year old developer & entrepreneur, also a rising sophomore at Georgia Tech. He recently won Apple’s WWDC’17 scholarship after winning WWDC’16 scholarship last year. He loved to solve problems through technology and have published about 5 apps on the App Store. When not programming, He like playing Fifa on his PlayStation.

iOSAppers: What motivated you ? What was the reason that you choose this line of work ?

Anushk  : I started coding when I was 13. Internet is an open world full of information and I have been a self taught developer. Starting with web development, I started my unknown journey as a software developer and today I solve problems by learning and building upon the latest technology like Apple Watch, iPhone, Machine Learning.

iOSAppers : When you started your career, what was the most difficult phase of your career that taught you and provided you experience?

Anushk : Success doesn’t always come on the first try. Things won’t work as you expect them. There are terrible highs and lows in whatever you try to accomplish. The key is stay motivated and find new channels to drive your passion. Being a full time student alongside working of my entrepreneurial pursuits has taught me the importance of time and there’s always something productive you can do.

iOSAppers : How many apps have you developed till now and which is your fav app that you have developed?

Anushk : I have published about 5 apps on the App Store and have built many more which never got published. My favorite app right now is Memeois as it builds upon all the skills I have acquired during my career as a developer. It’s also a fun app that I often escape to for browsing memes when I get tired working.

iOSAppers : Which type of app you like most ? Tell me the name of any app you like most?

Anushk : I like apps that are intuitive and just get alongside with your daily life. Twitter is one of my favorite apps as it keeps me updated to what’s happening around in my network.

iOSAppers : Who is your favourite developer and agencies that inspire you most?

Anushk : I don’t have anything specific in mind but I have been inspired by Elon Musk to keep pushing my limits and work for building a better world.

iOSAppers : What will you say to the young developers that how can they become an efficient developer and can groom in iOS development?

Anushk : You just need to have confidence in yourself! That’s the key. The internet is filled with tons of tutorials and guides to help you accomplish whatever you want to. I’d recommend starting Swift language, which makes code syntax more intuitive and easy to work with.

Note : You can follow Anushk on Twitter : Anushk Mittal

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