iOS 11 beta Contains New Features Updates

Apple launches new features and latest updates for the uses. The new upcoming iOS 11 beta 6 now trends. Apple's latest iOS 11 beta release, which contains a [...]

iPhone 7s is More Thicker than Current iPhone7

Apple’s new phones are much better and thicker than previous ones. Apples upcoming phones, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus might be similar design as current iPhone 7 [...]

iOS 11 Developers Beta 6 Now Here In Surprise Early Release

Up until this point, every one of Apple's iOS 11 beta releases for developers has hit with strict fortnightly normality. Be that as it may, the last one [...]

In September – iPhones Will be Launched In Three Colors Simultaneously

The exciting news for iPhone users. iPhone lovers wait is ending soon. Designers make a handy look of iPhone 8 which is the leak by Apple, earlier this [...]

Interview With Anushk Mittal Memeois Developer

Anush Mittal is a 17 year old developer & entrepreneur, also a rising sophomore at Georgia Tech. He recently won Apple’s WWDC’17 scholarship after winning WWDC’16 scholarship last [...]

Turn Sound Notification On iPhone 8

iPhone 8 updating feature didn’t stop there. Just a month before of launching iPhone 8, there will be more and more updated news about iPhone 8 are still [...]

iPhone 8 OLED Screens With 40% Defect Rate

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iOS 11 Beta 5 – Just Released

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iPhone 8’s 3D Facial Scanner To Authenticate Apple Pay transactions

Apple’s might be Authenticate - iPhone 8 Facial Scanner Apple always sincere with its products and services. Apple also cares about its users that’s why Apple launches its [...]

Apple will release LTE-enabled Apple Watch this fall

Apple may have one more trick up its sleeve for its yearly fall occasion. While we're all sitting tight for a fresh out of the box new iPhone [...]

Apple launching iPhone SE in 1st quarter of 2018

Apple is launching its products and features by remarkably done. Apple shows its strength and availability to the world. Many of products have been initiated this year with [...]

iPhone to block text, calls and other notification while driving in new iOS 11

If you anticipate getting another iPhone, you will most likely be unable to make utilization of it while driving. People are aware of the threats while messaging and [...]

Check out these Paid apps that have gone for free for Limited time

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iPhone 8 – Major Clues Revealed

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iOS 11 Beta 5 Release Date: When to Expect?

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iPhone 8 will have Face Recognition Feature!

IPhone at its best from Apple itself. Amazing creativity and updates are here. Looking up for another something special from Apple. In early released, Apple for its HomePod [...]

A Minor App and Performance Improvements – Apple Releases iTunes 12.6.2

MacOS 10.6.2 has been released by Apple but alongside, the company has released a minor iTunes update as well. The release notes hold that the firm has equipped [...]


Apple has been officially granted an experimental license to test 5G wireless technology. The 5G wireless technology will be tested at two locations near California. The license covers [...]

Apple Updates App Store, Adds New Splash Screens

Apple recently launched iOS 11 beta 4 that finalize the iOS update coming very soon. With the latest features of developer preview, included updated apps, photos, splash screen [...]

Google launches Trusted Contacts iOS app with Find My Friends-like features

iPhone and Apple users are increasing rapidly and realizing this potential the company is launching updates now and then. The new apps with fascinating features can be found [...]

eBay’s iOS app soon to allow and image search and discovery!

In case you missed the latest updates of iOS app, we always with you to share about the latest Ios and upcoming iOS app Being an iPhone/iPad/iPod user [...]

Apple on the verge of producing its own OLED technology!

Apple has recently purchased a huge equipment to setup its own research and development center in Taiwan to produce OLED technology on its own to reduce reliance on [...]

How to install iOS 10/iOS 10.1/iOS 10.2 on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch via iTunes

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Apple Watch Series 3 – New Micro LED display coming

Cupertino introduced the Apple Watch Series 2 in Sep 2016. With some features of S2 processor and waterproofing. The current version has been described when the first Apple [...]

iOS 10.3.2 Release Update

IOS 10.3.2, released on May 15, 2017 is available for iPhone 5 or later, iPad, and iPod touch. The iOS 10.3.2 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch [...]

iTunes 12.6 Review And Features

For those of you who are unaware of iTunes, it is a free application available on both Mac and PC which organized and plays your digital music and [...]

iOS 10.3 Review Update On iPhone And iPad

Apple has rolled out iOS 10.3 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch this Monday. The update has been going through the beta process from the last week of [...]

Foxconn – The iPhone Manufacturer Plans to Fully Automate China’s iPhone Factories With Robots

According to a report from DigiTimes, the Taiwanese manufacturing giant, Foxconn, which is behind Apple’s iPhone and numerous other major electronic devices, have decided to automate away an [...]

Nintendo Made Epic Debut in Mobile Gaming Market with Super Mario Run!

Nintendo has surprised the critics who underestimated and questioned the creativity they would offer the gamers with their initial steps towards the mobile gaming arena. It is a [...]

iOS 10.2 Review Update on iPhone and iPad

The days of waiting came to an end as the Apple has released its biggest iOS update. The new Apple’s iOS 10.2 update launched this Monday, as a [...]