10 iPhone X Facts Every Tech Enthusiast Should Know!

February 22, 2018
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The iPhone X is the most innovative iPhone made by Apple and is also the most expensive iPhone to date. Being an Apple product, it also has its fair share of controversies and every person has his own take on the subject.  Putting all that aside, we have compiled a list of iPhone X facts that every self respecting tech enthusiast should know to up their tech game.

1. The iPhone X supports fast charging and can go from 0 to 50% in 30 minutes.

2. The iPhone X has better Storage management and faster booting thanks to the newer and more efficient HEIF (high efficiency image format) and HEVC (High efficiency video compression) formats

3. The iPhone X is 35% faster than older iPhones thanks to its new A11 bionic chipset.

4. The home button has been removed on the iPhone X and replaced by swipes and gestures for navigation.

5. Touch ID has been replaced by Face ID. A facial recognition technology which utilizes a combination of projectors, sensors and IR tech.

6. The iPhone X has a bright screen. 625 nits to be precise.

7. The iPhone X’s screen has been dubbed as a Super Retina Display. It’s an OLED panel made by Samsung…the irony.

8. The iPhone X has turned emojis into TrueDepth emojis by recording 50 muscle movements and turning them into emojis and animations.

9. The GPS system on the iPhone X has been updated with the new Galileo Satellite systems and location accuracy has never been more better.

10. The iPhone X has a digital zoom of 10x for photos and 6x in videos.

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