Apple is Planning a $199 ‘HomePod’ with Beats Branding – Sketchy Rumors

May 21, 2018
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A new report out of Apple’s supply chain via Sina suggests that the cupertino giant is planning a $199 HomePod under its own Beats brand. Rumors of a lower cost HomePod are not new but the idea of Beats branding most certainly is.

What is arguably most interesting about these reports is that the upcoming speaker will fall under Beats brand. When AirPlay 2 was announced last year, Apple said it would be coming to future Beats product. It may be possible that the supply chain is mixing up a ‘Cheaper HomePod’ with ‘a Beats product that has AirPlay 2’ where these may be two distinct products.

These products being seperate make more sense because an AirPlay 2 powered Beats speaker may very well be priced at $199. It may not include Siri directly in the speaker, which they would like add to the HomePod lineup.

All we can do is speculate at this point. Apple might as well have plans for releasing a cheaper HomePod. Similar report from china indicated that Apple may release a ‘more affordable’ HomePod by the end of this year. While another report claims that a cheaper HomePod can be expected by the second half of this year.

Apple Has Reportedly Shipped Over 600,000 HomePods During First Quarter of 2018. While that may not be as good as Amazon’s Echo shipments, we must not forget that an Alexa-powered speaker is available for as low as $49 while a HomePod costs $349.

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