Android and iOS Duopoly reached a Record Estimated 99.9% Market Share Last Year

February 23, 2018
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According to Gartner, a record 99.9 percent of smartphones sold worldwide last year were on either iOS or Android.

Android and iOS have been the prominent smartphones operating systems for a long time now, however the duopoly turned out so dominant last year that Gartner doesn’t count Windows phones and Blackberry individually anymore.

According to Gartner’s estimate, of the 1.5 billion smartphones sold worldwide last year, handsets running Blackberry OS, Windows mobile and all other platforms made up only 1.5 million of the total.

With iOS and Android both reaching 99 percent market share, it looks like Blackberry OS and Windows Phone will be officially dead soon.

It took a few years for the flowing popularity of the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphones to lead iOS and Android to leapfrog Blackberry and Nokia, and based on today’s data, the duopoly is now firmly embedded.

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