Apple Acquires VrVana to Create Its Own VR Headsets in the Future

November 22, 2017
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It may come as a surprise, but Apple recently purchased Vrvana. For those of you who aren’t aware about Vrvana! It is a company which manufactures Totem VR headsets. So, is that how Apple is planning to enter into the world of VR? Yes, we suppose it’s one of the many decent moves which Apple currently makes!

As our sources went into a bit depth of the research, they found out some rather incredible findings. The leading News website (TechCrunch) revealed that the Apple closed down the contract with Vrvana at $30 million US currency. Both the parties agreed to conduct future business proceedings together and performed a handshake over it.

Vrvana has previously worked with some of the most renowned organizations around the world. The client list for the organization may contain names such as Audi, Valve and Tesla. However, the company made sure that their Totem headset remained hidden from prying eyes. Luck shine bright for Apple and they identified the organization before it went closing down the deal with some other organization. And Apple made sure that it made the most out of this opportunity.

With the recent purchase of the VR Headset organization, it is now confirmed that Apple is working strongly with gears that support AR/VR technologies in the future.

How is VrVana’s Totem Headset Any Different?

Well to begin with… The Totem Headset is pretty different as compared to other VR devices on the market. It’s because the Totem Headset includes a blend of technologies to give the best user experience to its purchaser.

It includes a VR imagery advanced technology which gives any user a life like experience of the virtual reality world. The camera on the device allows user to see through a virtual eye into a world which does not exist within reality, yet exists in real.

However, the only downside of the device is that it is a bit heavy just like any other headset in the market. But, it sure does proclaims to provide better results than any other similar device across the planet.

Searching for Totem Headsets in the Market? Hold your Horses

Are you searching for Totem headsets already? Well, just wait for a moment. It’s not out there on the shelves yet. Apple has just owned Vrvana and it plans big to give the Apple fan dome a unique blend of technology.

The idea behind getting Vrvana to sign the deal up with Apple was to integrate Apple’s own technology AR/VR design engineers with the research team at Vrvana. In collaboration of both the engineers, the company aims to launch its first VR headset into the market in 2020. The headset is going to contain its own processor and built-in display unit so users may not ever have to rely on a different device to access the headset.

Why such a Long Delay?

Well, if you are an Apple fan I am pretty sure you have the answer to yourself already. Apple works a different strategy for its products. It allow other organizations to create their ventures and send new products into the market. It observes how the market flows, what are the pros and cons of the product and how Apple can produce a better product for customers. Only, when it’s completely satisfied, it does provide with something better which not only look and feels good but is also a performance par excellence.

Maybe, by year 2020, we may experience an Apple’s headset which is rather small, looks better and helps in performing much better than the Totem headsets or any other VR/AR headset of today.

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