Apple didn’t consider impact of battery replacements on iPhone upgrades

February 2, 2018
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During today’s earning call covering Q1 of 2018, Apple CEO Tim Cook was asked whether investors ought to be worried about slowing upgrade rates because of Apple’s battery replacement program and the way that consumers may select to supplant their batteries instead of acquiring another iPhone.

Accordingly, Cook said that he couldn’t answer since it wasn’t something that Apple considered. Cook said Apple “did not consider, in any way, shape, or form, what it would do to upgrade rates,”

“We did it because we thought it was the right thing to do for our customers. I don’t know what effect it will have for our investors. It was not in our thought process of deciding to do what we’ve done.”

In a similar answer, Cook said the iPhone has incredible reliability, and that the previously-owned market is constantly expanding, with clients passing on more aged iPhones and utilizing trade-ins to get new ones. Cook said he trusts consumers giving their gadgets down is a positive, because “the more peoples on iPhone, the better.”

Following the disclosure that Apple deliberately slowed down iPhones in order to stop unexpected shutdowns in devices with damaged batteries, Apple was blamed for creating circumstances that forced uses to upgrade to newer iPhones.

Apple has apologized for the falsehood that has circulated about the power administration features, and it has likewise introduced a program permitting customers to get $29 battery replacements for the iPhone 6 and above. In iOS 11.3, Apple will give more data about health of the battery and give customers the choice to flip off the power management features all together.

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