Why is Apple Going To School Again?

March 26, 2018
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Apple’s event on March 27th at Chicago’s ‘School of Champions’ is the current talk of the town.

But how many of you have noticed that it’s come six years after Apple’s last event at any school. Let’s talk about why Apple’s making this move tomorrow in addition to the specific calendar it adheres to.

In yesteryears, Apple has had a dominating run in the education sector with the iPad, which was a runaway success with schools and their students. However, given Apple’s lackluster approach in the past few years and the high price that the iPad commands, it might not come as a surprise that ChromeBook has taken over the education sector while iOS has been sidelined along with it’s iTunes U and classroom apps.

In many ways, this was predictable: It simply does not make sense for a school board or for every parent to buy an iPad at this point. Chromebooks simply provide better value to schools and the keyboard provides the students a far better way to interact with their devices, apparently.

However, come tomorrow, Apple will be looking to combat the rise of popularity of Chromebooks by removing the barrier of a high price-point on the iPad, the original student-favorite tech gadget.

A cheaper iPad for students could be a step towards ‘educational domination’ by Apple. They simply want the iPad to be the ‘go-to’ device for learning. This seems to be the philosophy behind creating swift, the programming language, and then gamifying it to making it accessible to even children in ‘playgrounds’. Also, if the rumors are true and the Cupertino giant introduces Apple Pencil support in 9.7-inch iPads, then it’s just icing on the cake for students who want to unleash their creative monsters.

All of that sounds very much like routine market competition. Is it just that, really? Capturing one of the many markets? Or does the rabbit hole go any deeper?

Here’s my train of thought on this matter: Apple goes to school, sells entry level iPads. Students set foot in the Apple universe a.k.a. ‘The Ecosystem’ from an early age. What happens next is… we have an entire generation of students that become loyal to Apple, if Apple play their cards right.

I believe the session on 27 March 2018 is aimed at the heart of America to add more Apple to it’s heartbeat.

What are your thoughts on Apple’s event tomorrow? Let me know in the comments below and let’s get talking.

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