Apple is working on Fixing Reachability Bug in iOS 11

October 10, 2017
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The latest news from MacRumors, Apple is really conscious with its products and features. A report from MacRumors, Apple is setting the bug fixes in iOS 11 and also make some changing that prohibits users from easily accessing the new Cover Sheet screen and the Notification Center.

In iOS 10, when reachability gesture was enabled, a swipe down at the middle of the screen just above the app line brought down the Notification Center. In iOS 11 Apple has completely redesigned the Notification Center and the Lock Screen have been merged. The customers need to swipe down from the very top of the iPhone screen in iOS 11.

Some readers had already complaint in MacRumors Forum, the iOS 11 Reachability bug has not been well publicized.

An email to Craig Federighi:

“Email is sent about the purpose of the bug fixes and improvements in iOS 11 was released, the Notification Center invoke from the middle of the screen during the reachability was removed. This feature is really incredible as none of has to awkwardly try to take ones, thumb all the way back to the top even though reachability was defeating the whole purpose of it for one crucial task”.

We are hoping that Apple will all set up their features and fixes with better improvements in the upcoming feature in the iOS 11.

Craig replied an email “We are fixing it”. Hope so Apple will fix this bug in the in the final release of iOS 11. Which should be released at the end of the October

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