Apple Pay Cash System Require ID Verification

August 28, 2017
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Introduced a new feature in iOS 11. Now you need to require your ID verification code to transfer the payment. Now People utilizes this feature properly. According to the announcement at WWDC 2017, iOS 11 brings out support for person-to-person payments through iMessage. It’s for security purposes, this new feature will require you to verify your photo ID of your driver’s license. The service may require the user to scan both the front and back of their photo ID, according to latest beta discovery.

Sending and receiving payments in Messages will not be available until verification can be completed.” Code strings include messages like Verify your identity to continue using Apple Pay Cash and Position your driver’s license as your photo ID on the frame. In other words, the system could bar people from using person-to-person transfers unless their photo ID can be verified.

The cash you receive through iMessage ends up as a PayPal-style holding reserve as a virtual Apple Pay Cash card in the stock Wallet application. You can easily to purchase on iTunes and App Stores, make payments with Apple Pay or withdraw the money to your bank account to complete with a four-digit PIN.

The PIN should give you a chance to utilize the virtual card with contactless payment terminals that require extra validation beyond NFC and Touch ID. Now you can easily accessible through Apple Pay Cash iCloud across Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad and Mac devices that have been approved for Apple Pay.

As indicated by Apple’s Craig Federighi during the WWDC 2017 keynote talk:

When you send the money, you verify safely with Touch ID. On another side when you receive money through iMessage, it goes to your Apple Pay cash card.

From that point, you can send it on to friends and family, and if you are charitable then you can make Apple Pay buys at retail or on the web.

And, of course, you can pull it out and transfer it to your bank account. Plus, it’s available across all these iOS devices and Apple Watch, too.

Unless a debit card is utilized for person-to-person cash exchanges, the system acquires standard handling charge of three percent for installments made with a credit card.

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