Apple Plans to Include High Performance Circuit Boards In It’s Apple Watch

December 3, 2017
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iPhone’s latest revision includes high flexible circuit board designs working on liquid crystal polymer. Such is the case with polymer that it contributes in optimizing your smart technology and transforms it into high speed performance and low latency data transfer solutions. This technology is currently introduced in iPhone 8 and iPhone X as Antennas and TrueDepth Camera, the Cupertino organization aims to deliver the next most performance oriented product within the respective service industry.

Recently, the rumors proved themselves to be true. The forthcoming year of the Cupertino organization are projecting a worthwhile shot at assembling the product line up with smart technologies incorporating liquid crystal polymers. Apple has planned to introduce this smart material into it’s amazing Apple watch and here’s the reason why we believe it should be there.

A recent announcement by Ming-Chi Kuo who is currently working with Apple says that they are planning to include LCP FPCB hardware within their Apple watches.

How FPCP is Planning to Benefit Apple Watches

The FPCP manufacturing company (Career) is basically putting most of its interest in three core products of the Apple supply chain and one such is the Apple Watch LTE antenna designs. It is known that the new antenna designs for watches are going to be made with LCP as the base material. It is also known that Career’s existing cellular antennas are based on polyamide FPCBs.

Why do Apple prefer the inclusion of materials such as the PI or LCP incorporating operational advantages integrated with superior frequency attenuation, thermal performance and moisture resistance. These products are optimally considered to be one of the most fluently exemplary portable products that will perform par exceptional compared to expectations.

As Kuo sheds light in one of his statements

“LCP FPCB production presents a greater challenge compared to PI, as the former needs to be more particular as regards material stability, higher-temperature process, impedance control and higher standards of etching process,”

Kuo of Career Claims Apple Is Going to Stay An Year Ahead From Competitors

What puts other competitors into the shade, is that Kuo explains why his design and production of LCP FPCB is going to give Apple an year ahead leap compared to competitors. He ensures that the new design is going to be so complex and challenging that other organizations will take an year worth of time to disintegrate and study the design structure.

In time, we surely keep our fingers crossed and believe that this turns out to be actually true! Because if it does, Apple is going to just outshine among all the other products the market is rapidly producing and going to excel itself above the marathon. With that, I am off Ciao for the day!

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