Apple Reduces The Price of USB-C Lightning Cable to $19

May 22, 2018
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Apple has finally slashed the price of its USB-C to Lightning cable from $25 to $19. The original price for the data cable when it debuted on the market was $25 for the 1m cable and $35 for 2m.

This means that the new Type-C cable costs the same $19 as the USB-A to Lightning cable being currently shipped in the iPhone and iPad boxes.

For the reasons of supply chain management, the newly priced cable is catalogued under a new part number, MQGJ2AM. This is being done in order to keep things sorted. Sadly, the 2m cable is still being sold at $35.

This $6 drop in price comes when, rumour has it, this year’s iPhone may have this cable shipped in the box.

However, a seperate USB-C charger, such as Apple’s 29W USB Power Adapter, will also be required before anything can be charged via the USB-C Lightning cable. Rumors suggest a newly designed 18W power adapter is in the works too.

This switch actually makes sense. When Apple’s best laptops are exclusively using a Type-C port, why should the new iPhone stay behind? Already the customers that want to avail fast charging on their iPhones have to switch to the USB-C cable.

If everything goes as expected, you may see this cable inside iPad boxes too.

In short, USB Type-C cable appears to be the future. What are your thoughts on this shift?

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