Apple Sends Out It’s Release for iOS 11.1.1 with Major Auto-Correct Bug Fix

November 10, 2017
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Do you find yourself surrounded with bug issues while typing on your Mac or iOS device! Do you fail to utilize the autocorrect feature to the fullest. The latest iOS release can help you overcome that in a jiffy

(Date, Place) – Apple takes pride in releasing its sixth official update for iOS 11 this year. It has fixed a few irritating issues which have haunted the users for quite some time.

Since, we all know that the release of iOS 11 brought a huge surge in the Apple market and following the release was a major update of iOS 11.1 which introduced some new emojis and several other bug fixes.

Yesterday, Apple released a new minor update to fix two issues in particular:

  • A fix supervising predictive keyboard autocorrect glitch. If you enter “I” it would automatically replace it with a random character such as “A,” “#,” or “!” followed by a unicode symbol “?”
  • Fixes the command of “Hey Siri” which randomly stops working during the usage.

The update can easily be downloaded on all eligible Apple devices if you have iOS 11.1 on it. All you have to do is navigate to Settings >> General >> Software Update. The file size of update is around 50 MB.

The update do minimize the annoyance, but does not completely mitigates all of the issues. For example, there are a lot of security fixes which requires attention and above all, it does not pose a solution for the iPhone battery drainage problem.

We hope to see Apple overcome these issues considerately in its upcoming release of iOS.

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