Apple Is Testing a New “Edge-to-Edge” LCD Tech for 2018 iPhone Model

July 10, 2018
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While OLED screens with virtually zero bezels are a common thing, the same cannot be said for LCD displays. Now, a report indicates that the upcoming LCD model of iPhone will provide edge-to-edge display without any loss in brightness.

This is all possible due to a change of component. The tech giant will be using a new type of LED chip that reduces the bottom bezel by half. The swap of LED backlighting chips was reported by DigiTimes as it quotes unnamed industry sources:

While LTPS-LCD smartphone screens with backlights using 0.4t LED chips have bottom bezels of 4.0-4.5mm, use of 0.3t LED chips can reduce them to 2.0-2.5mm, enhancing LCD screens’ competitiveness against OLED all (bezel-free) screens panels.

Japan-based Nichia is believed to be the exclusive supplier for Apple to meet the demands for its 2018 LCD iPhone with trial production to begin soon. With volume production to begin in September, it’s expected that Nichia’s production capacity will be “almost booked up by Apple in the second half of 2018”.

This is indeed good news as the new LCD tech will be able to provide iPhone X at an affordable price. Apple is expected to unveil a trio of iPhones somewhere in September.

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