Apple Watch Can detect Abnormal Heart Rhythms

September 12, 2017
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Apple always works with something new and interested things for their customers to use their favorite brands and devices. Apple is working on Apple Watch which can be used to detect abnormal heart rhythms and common heart conditions, reports CNBC.

If Apple Watch can detect abnormal heart patterns at a high risk of similar conditions. Heart arrhythmias aren’t always symptoms of a genuine illness, but Apple Watch owners could get some solution of a problem from the Apple Watch and after that it checked out at a specialist doctor that if the device is determined to accurately predict heart problems.

Apple Watch was able to detect abnormal heart rhythms with 97 percent of accuracy. And Apple could get even better results later in its development, in a report.

Just today, Apple CEO Tim Cook talked about Apple’s health interests in an interview with Fortune. He said Apple is “extremely interested” in health, and that it represents a major business opportunity.

Because the medical health activity is the largest or second-largest component of the economy, so Apple interest is growing in this field. It hasn’t been built in a way where the focus at the device level is making incredible items from a good point of view.

Cook additionally said that Apple has been surprised to figure out how the heart rate observing in the Apple Watch has just been helping people. Many people information with the Apple Watch, notice something amiss, and then go to the doctor to get it checked out. “A not-insignificant number have found out if they hadn’t come into the doctor they would have died,” said Cook.

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