Apple Watch Series 3 – New Micro LED display coming

July 22, 2017
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Cupertino introduced the Apple Watch Series 2 in Sep 2016. With some features of S2 processor and waterproofing. The current version has been described when the first Apple Watch went on sale in 2015

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“Apple Watch Series 3” this year with the most no of users having attention on “iPhone 8.”

Cupertino stays with a similar design approach, the next Apple Watch Series 3 offer with a glass-film touchscreen

Brent Dirks noticed:

TPK Holdings has supplied the touchscreens Series 2, and there is nothing touchscreen technology will provide any noticeable benefits for users, so the company is going to the next watch model Series 3 could offer a glass-film solution.

Without design changes, Apple Watch Series 3 could focus on battery life and overall performance improvements. The Taiwan-based company was also responsible for the production of the first two Apple Watch generations.

Cupertino could also add cellular connectivity to the 3rd Gen, Apple Watch Series and then a switch to micro-LED. In May 2014, Apple acquired micro- LED technology. Because a low-power display technology it will help to more battery efficient

On March 23, Apple uncovered two patents that might some on future Apple Watches.

Apple’s invention this time smart bands for sports enthusiasts. The smart band’s indicators and icons represent the activity in progress. The symbols could represent Activity App progress, heart rate monitoring and offer other icons for running and swimming

Another recently uncovered suggest that future Apple Watches could automatically detect when you’re driving and only show important notifications on your screen during that time. It’s all about health, the Apple Watch Series 2 has focused only on fitness, but this generation model could emphasize use for heart monitoring and numerous reports, it could ship with a special smart band.

If Apple can successfully market a smart band for diabetes, future groups could measure caffeine usage and more.

Upcoming Apple Watch Models Used Smart Bands, Monitor Glucose Levels

Chinese-language Economic Daily News says Apple plans on releasing the next Apple Watch series in the third quarter of the year.

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