Apple’s Partner TSMC Starts Mass Producing Next Generation Processors for This Year’s iPhones

May 23, 2018
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Apple’s manufacturing partner TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.) has begun production of “next generation processors” for the new iPhones on a massive scale.

The new chip is rumored to be smaller, faster, and more efficient than the current 10-nanometer chip in iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

This new 7-nanometer processor will most likely be called the A12 chip. It is also intended to boost the overall battery life of the device and save physical space on the phone too. These factors can be of great advantage for the new iPhones to hit the market, later this year.

TSMC’s production seems to be right on schedule as they began manufacturing the components for iPhone last year in May. This advancement would make Apple one of the first phone makers to use the 7nm chip in consumer goods.

This news was first reported by Bloomberg who quote unnamed sources with the familiar to “these matters.” Spokespersons from both Apple and TSMC declined to comment.

Just last month, TSMC, the world’s largest microchip contractor, announced that it had the capability to produce 7nm chips.

These chips can play a crucial role in the success of this year’s iPhone lineup that may introduce three different sized models.

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