Why Should we Consider Running Future Apple Laptops on iOS

November 23, 2017
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There is a thin line that separates Apple products from the ones which run on macOS. Apple invests time to manufacture phones and tablets which are capable to function on iOS so why not give this venture a little push further? Why can’t Apple launch and create laptops and desktop computers which can also run on iOS instead of mac OS?

Sounds crazy doesn’t it?  

I believe it is now time that Apple should focus towards breaking innovative grounds and removing barriers on future experimentation. It should test and perform experiments with all kinds of new products. It is time now that Apple should focus on expansion of its dominion. It is now time that Apple should look into launching its first ever iOS laptop.

Why Do You Think It Should Be Taken into Consideration?

Well, I wonder how many of you remember the iPad Pro. It’s not long since the technology has taken a swerve in the market. It has screens which measure 10.5 to 12.9 inches diagonally. The device practically looks quite similar to the old MacBook Air models. It was more or less the first design to be launched with a Smart Keyboard and somewhat projects the similar image as that of a laptop.

Although, one may find difficulty in placing the device on the lap and setting it up for work using a Bridge Keyboard, it still do the job of a laptop pretty good. The iPad pro is actually not a laptop but with a bit of tweaking with the device, you can actually make it perform the similar functions as that of a laptop. It can actually become a total look alike.

Like I said, I have previously worked with this keyboard and I feel pretty reassured that this can actually become the next iOS powered laptop with the exact aesthetics and appeal which one can get using a Mac device. Also, to much of our surprise, it can become the first of its kind touch-screen board. Unlike the Macbook and Macbook Pro which technically does not offer the following. The iPad pro itself is a strong device and it can actually turn into a powerful laptop running on the latest iOS 11. It will include all the functionalities and features which all in all provide a greater appeal to the sophisticated design.

Mutlitask Type and Take Images at the Same Time

Turning your iPad into a full grown laptop will not only benefit you with providing the right feel of a real computer. But, it will also help you shoot as many images as you want. Also, you can type in as many words as you like and process them before you end up finding yourself overlapping a deadline. It can become your image processor and your type writing solution all at the same time.

Oh and btw I can also edit web templates and SSH into linux servers. If that’s not awesome then I don’t know what is!

Will It Become a Preferred Choice for Everyone?

Well, I wouldn’t exactly agree to that! It’s because a laptop has plenty of liberty when it comes to diversifying scope of access. Yet, some people are pretty interactive and performance oriented on a laptop as compared to an iPad. However, iOS running laptops will actually be able to perform all the similar functionalities which a Macbook could and yet do a bit more rather than just being a laptop. But, preferences is all what matters and some people are quite interactively connected with their respective Mac devices so it’s hard to say that the new technology will be adapted or not.

The iPad Pro look alike laptop is something that may become acceptable for people who want to make easy switch between tablets and laptops on personal occasions. Imagine having a device which can easily transform into a tablet and yet become a laptop of choice right on spot when you need it. That’s what this is all about! Giving customers the liberalisation of customization of digital products on the go.

Will That Ever Be Possible?

Yes and No! Well a lot of discussion has previously carried out on the fact of merging macOS and iOS, but there are no specific rumors or predictions that Apple individuals are eager to follow such a plan in the next coming years. However, including the A-series chip technology and leaving behind the dependency on Intel chips is something what has surfaced up in the ocean of Apple Products.

Well, if Apple can make dramatic changes in its respective scope of development, it can also end up creating sleek designed incredible laptops separately working on iOS and macOS at the same instance. All they have to do is power up a device running on iOS with an A-series processor. Add a touch screen to it and remove the trackpad. Viola! There you go an iOS based laptop is now at your service!

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